FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – A suspect in a nationwide raid against a group of computer hackers has been arrested in Fort Collins.

In all, 14 people were arrested, including Vincent Charles Kershaw from Fort Collins.

Agents seized computers and other equipment while carrying out search warrants in nine states and the District of Columbia. FBI arrests 16 in Anonymous hacking investigation

All are suspected members of the hacker group called “Anonymous.” The group claimed responsibility for several website attacks; one of which disrupted two credit card company sites when they stopped processing donations to the website WikiLeaks.

Vincent Charles Kershaw (credit: MySpace)

Comments (3)
  1. denvervet says:

    I always ask “why” when I read a story like this. What a waste of time when he could be out “doing things”. I hope they throw the book at him. Again, total waste of time for an intelligent person who now won’t be able to get a job due to his record. So I guess this is the definition of “total waste”.

    1. says:

      unfortunately, tools like you will never get it.

  2. Mac Jones says:

    Looks like the Feds have no shortage of spare time on their hands as usual.

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