MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – Once you get used to it, going to the gym to lift weights, go swimming or take an aerobics class isn’t that hard.

Those looking for a workout that’s a lot more challenging, however, should consider heading up to Red Rocks any Saturday or Sunday morning to take part in a free boot camp compliments of “Joe Trainer.”

Many Coloradans remember “Joe Trainer” by another name in another sport. Those who grew up in Denver in the 1980s and rode a BMX bike certainly remember “Jumpin Joe Hendricks.”

Jumpin Joe did things on a bike that had never been done before. He was sponsored by Huffy, had his own line of signature bikes, starred in commercials, and even was featured in a movie. He also made a heck of a living doing halftime shows at sporting events.

The TV show “That’s Incredible” followed Hendricks when he jumped seven cars at the old Mile High Stadium. It was a world record at the time and earned him the nickname Jumpin Joe.

He rode BMX for 15 years — until it was time to get a real job.

“After the BMX career I started the DJ business; still have the DJ business today. Since then I’ve started a sprinkler company,” Hendricks said.

He’s now 48, and he does have one other job that’s more of a passion. Three days a week Jumpin Joe becomes “Joe Trainer.” He can be found at Red Rocks pushing people until they can’t push any more.

“My overall goal is just to kick people’s butts,” he said.

Mission accomplished. His workouts usually three hours long. He can get upwards of 200 people for each workout — and he does it all for free.

“I think people love it; they keep coming back.”

Participants do say the love the workout.

“The first time it was Hell. I went through Army basic training back in like 1992. I’ll tell you I’ll do basic training twice and then come up here a couple times,” a participant said.

“I purposely showed up an hour late. I was puking 45 minutes into it,” another said.

For more information on Joe Trainer’s boot camp, visit his website at