DENVER (CBS4) – The mother of Denver’s new mayor, Michael Hancock, has a very interesting and inspirational story to tell. It’s one of survival, determination and faith. CBS4’s Gloria Neal sat down with Scharlyne Hancock.

The mother of 10 has come a long way from being homeless, a hospital worker, suffering the loss of two children, having a heart attack, and then open heart surgery, to being a mother full of hope, life, love and laughter.

“I let them tell me everything that was on their minds,” Scharlyne said. “Then I would say, ‘Now here is what I expect and here’s the program’ … and of course you know Mayor Hancock had to put his little 20 cents in.”

Momma Scharlyne says even though she lost her daughter Karen to domestic violence and her son Robert to AIDS, she is ready to be “Momma Mayor” for her son and the rest of the her family.

“I’m so proud. I think I’m the proudest mother in the state of Colorado. I really am because I never did think any of my kids would come from this far, as far as he has come,” she said.

Her family has come a long way. Even back when Scharlyne says they had no place to live and the Denver Housing Authority gave her a housing option that really wasn’t an option at all.

“I walked into that place and roaches were coming down the stairs saying, ‘Hello, welcome,'” you know. And I stood there and I started crying. I told my girlfriend then I might be down and out but I’m not bringing my kids into a mess like this.”

So she kept pestering Housing Authority until they could give her a better option. Then she began saving for a home of her own.

“I bought my first house over on Dillon.”

Now, one of her children, the youngest of her last set of twins, the baby boy, is the next mayor of Denver.

Even with all the adversity Mayor Hancock’s campaign faced, Scharlyne says she will always remember the day, her son, her baby boy took the oath of office.

“I’ll probably start crying … tears rolling down my eyes because I will realize it’s a reality. He fought straight and narrow all the way and that’s why I feel he has earned raising his hand. He has earned that.”

Scharlyne also said she is content to stay out of the political limelight. That is unless her son needs her. She says if she does anything, it will probably center around helping victims of domestic violence.


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