LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – The Department of Homeland Security is taking the case of a Longmont woman who allegedly grabbing the breast of a TSA agent very seriously.

Yukari Mihamae, 61, was taken into custody at the screening area of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport last Thursday. Police say she refused to go through screening and was argumentative. Officials say she admitted to grabbing a TSA agent’s breast with both hands and squeezing and twisting, but has not given a reason why. Mihamae, who had to spend a night in jail, is now charged with felony sexual abuse.

A CBS4 reporter briefly spoke to Mihamae on Sunday at her Longmont home but she said she had no comment about the case on the advice of her attorney.

Some Facebook users who are obviously frustrated with the strict procedures of the Transportation Safety Administration have set up a Facebook page expressing their support for Mihamae.

The “Acquit Yukari Mihamae” page had more than 1,600 supporters on Monday. News of its creation the brought some different reactions from travelers on Sunday at Denver International Airport.

“Calling it a felony is pretty silly and the TSA abuses people daily,” Drew Westphal, a resident of New York City, told CBS4.

“We have to play along for our security and the safety of the United States,” one traveler told CBS4. “I don’t think you should be able to put your hands on anybody, especially somebody who is trying to perform security,” Mike Garcia, of Brighton, said.

Mihamae told the New York Post in a phone interview that she is a frequent air traveler and that she runs into a problem with the TSA on a weekly basis.

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  1. Sliver Earrings says:

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  2. WhatWereYouThinking! says:

    Yankee Doodle Retrocon said “…Let all licensed concealed carry permit holders carry when they travel”.

    Unfortunately, you can not control human nature. If only ALL of the CCP holders did not drink, use drugs, have bad days, or have bad tempers your idea might work.

    But you are on the right track. Just replace them with a minimum of three US Marshals per flight. The cost would still be less than TSA wages and equipment annually!

  3. d f s says:

    The TSA “females” have been GRABBING since DAY ONE in 2001!! Its gotten better but its now back to the “get em” phase again!
    Bring on racial profiling!
    Young, tall, blond and bionic ….

  4. James says:

    Only 12% of the nation actively participated in the war of independence. The rest stood idly bye or supported their masters (Government rule) we have the numbers. We have just cause.

    It is time

  5. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Our servants have no right to legislate our rights away.

  6. Frog Prince says:

    TSA Agents sexually assault and grope and molest children every day.maybe they should all be arrested?

  7. Jack P says:

    I’m OK with gently grabbing, but twisting is not my style.

  8. Tonymo says:

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of Obama, the world’s newest Marxist Dictatorship! How did it happen so quickly?

  9. AKinCO says:

    sooo…. if our GOVERNMENT AGENTS do precisely what this CITIZEN did, they get a paycheck but if the CITIZEN does it, it’s suddenly sexual assault? um….still think the Tea Party folks are paranoid?

  10. John Ford says:

    I wouldn’t mind being groped by a cute little blonde TSA agent. If she did a good job, I might tip her an extra $20…….lol

  11. Eagle says:

    Internet tough guys! None of you would have the guts to say this stuff to someone’s face.

  12. John Blake says:

    “charged with felony sexual abuse”???? THAT IS ABSURD !!!

    NO future jury will convict this woman…absurd charges !!

    TSA needs to drop it, get over it, and move on !!

  13. Sara says:

    Americans subjected to routine groping while the government FAILS to control our southern border.
    Oh the hypocrisy of it all!

  14. Brad says:

    If she is found guilty,from a legal point of view,the TSA has just sh-t in their own boots.Whats good for the goose,is good for the goose steppers.

  15. LTCB says:

    The NAZI’s claimed to just be “following orders” too. Fat lot of good that did them at Nurenberg. The trials of TSA “agents” should begin immediately. Especially of the DHS and that leadership cadre that brought this all about. The D’s and R’s that support this unConstitutional search and seizure process should all be tried for treason. THey’ve all violated their oaths of office.

  16. Lite O'Day says:

    The TSA in Phoenix is one of the worst in the US. They are known fo terrrible treatment of passengers, rude,and abusive.

  17. L says:

    ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’ Benjamin Franklin, ‘Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor,’ November 11, 1755.”

  18. F says:

    ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’ Benjamin Franklin, ‘Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor,’ November 11, 1755.”

  19. Doug says:

    Put me on her jury.

  20. fed up says:

    What sort of person takes a job where they are required to sexually abuse innocent people? The TSA must be completely staffed by perverts.

  21. Cathy says:

    TSA and the woman in this case? Pot, meet Kettle.

  22. Justin says:

    deport her we have enough 3rd worlders here anyway. and i hope that tsp agent goes to the facebook bake and likes it herself. who cares whats on fb anyway

  23. Henry Thoreau says:

    Can I ask a slightly more serious question here. Do they molest you at airports in Communist China or Russia? Can anyone tell me if they rub on little kids crotches and grope women’s breasts over there?

    We have 20 million illegals and islamic terrorists crawling around this Country with their own CAIR PAC in Congress. How is this helping? The last terrorist was stopped by a flying Dutchman in coach class. How can he figure this out by these child molesters can’t?

  24. R.C.Delahanty says:

    As a European I am shocked at the compliance of these so called Free Americans!
    Where is your constitution now to help you with the army of TSA and DHS and
    all these other rogue government storm troopers. Sadly, the American public is being fed the line that it is all for you own good and stay quiet and we will take care of you! This is what happened to the population in Stasi run East Germany and finally the people stood up and as Ronald Reagan said ” Mr Gorbachov , tear down that wall” Where are the freedom loving so called Republican Tea party people on the issue of government intrusion in the lives of ordinary American when it comes to the perverts and storm troopers at the TSA and DHS?? Americans are people who love FREEDOM and that has been taken away from you by your GOVERNMENT.

  25. joel says:

    TSA…it is time to go

  26. maria says:

    Obama is always talking about how he envisions a “high speed rail system”, you know, a very expensive high speed rail system built by Obama’s Union cronies.
    I believe the TSA thugs patting down diapers of infants AND the elderly is a tool being used to cripple the flight industry into bankrupcy thus proving the high speed rail a necessary.
    Every move made by Liberals is a stepping stone designed to lead to the ultimate goal. Either these people are extremely stupid OR they are cunning, deceptive and calculating. Considering that every good Liberal/Democrat politician has an Ivy League education, I vote for the latter excuse.
    Sure they have to lie, deceive and misrepresent their agenda, but they are doing all of this to protect you from yourself, after all THEY know what’s better for you than YOU do!

  27. Harley2002 says:

    The only thing that will stop the TSA from groping us is when we in large numbers refuse or grope back, We need to get organized and if 50% of each plane load refuses it would overwhelm the system Divide and conquer is what they are doing to us right now. Remember these gropers are just 50 IQ affirmative action losers.

  28. John Breland says:

    Two suggestions for TSA: (1) It would be helpful to prominently post the number for the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800-656-HELP) in the gate areas of all airports you service. Passengers will be grateful not to have to look it up so often for themselves. And (2), When you hire a new employee, go ahead and enter his or her data into the National Sex Offender Registry. It’s much more efficient that way.

  29. JEFF GORDON says:

    The TSA molest people every day and when a heroic woman does it right back to them she’s arrested ??? She should get a congressional medal of honor and Dinner with our next President.

  30. Robert Doig says:

    So now the TSA is in an argument with the TTA (Tit Twisters Assoc)

  31. Stephen V. Dash says:

    Lack of Common Sense. Yukari Mihamae represents what should be done. My Spell Check doesn’t recognize the language I prefer. I’ll settle on “Stupid Flowering TSA” to make my point.


  32. Phoenix New Media says:

    TSA couldn’t find enough disabled people or children to molest? Good for Ms. Mulhimae! Can the TSA agent spell Jury Nullification? No way she’ll be convicted

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