LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – The Department of Homeland Security is taking the case of a Longmont woman who allegedly grabbing the breast of a TSA agent very seriously.

Yukari Mihamae, 61, was taken into custody at the screening area of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport last Thursday. Police say she refused to go through screening and was argumentative. Officials say she admitted to grabbing a TSA agent’s breast with both hands and squeezing and twisting, but has not given a reason why. Mihamae, who had to spend a night in jail, is now charged with felony sexual abuse.

A CBS4 reporter briefly spoke to Mihamae on Sunday at her Longmont home but she said she had no comment about the case on the advice of her attorney.

Some Facebook users who are obviously frustrated with the strict procedures of the Transportation Safety Administration have set up a Facebook page expressing their support for Mihamae.

The “Acquit Yukari Mihamae” page had more than 1,600 supporters on Monday. News of its creation the brought some different reactions from travelers on Sunday at Denver International Airport.

“Calling it a felony is pretty silly and the TSA abuses people daily,” Drew Westphal, a resident of New York City, told CBS4.

“We have to play along for our security and the safety of the United States,” one traveler told CBS4. “I don’t think you should be able to put your hands on anybody, especially somebody who is trying to perform security,” Mike Garcia, of Brighton, said.

Mihamae told the New York Post in a phone interview that she is a frequent air traveler and that she runs into a problem with the TSA on a weekly basis.

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  1. sparks jabrones says:

    hahahaha, this is an outstanding story. August 1 is national grope back day. Every single traveler is being asked to rub ’em right back! if you are picked for a pat down, grope breasts, crotch, back side…you name it…there will be hundreds of thousands of arrests and perhaps the revolution will indeed be televised.

    1. wayne says:

      The TSA Should be charged with Felony sexual abuse by everyone that goes through being groped.

      1. hip_hop_abs says:

        TSA has no more rights than ordinary people. TSA or T&A are sexual abusers. Pull their funding by pulling your taxes.
        GOOGLE EXCLUDED INCOME. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      2. jerry says:

        Home Land Security will object to any one questioning their authority, even when they can’t even close the border. ( TSA)

      3. DC says:

        TSA bases your choice to be groped or not to be groped on your choice to fly or not.

        Don’t fly and you won’t have to face the chances of being groped.

        Fly and you may be groped on occassion.

        Personally, I have never been groped nor patted down in either domestic nor international flights.
        I was personally interviewed in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam for changing my flight, but never groped.

      4. DanTheMan says:

        This woman is a hero. She had the guts to call their bluff. Now WE THE PEOPLE get to put TSA on trial. Where do I send my check?

    2. Shane says:

      Yes, it is a “great” idea!

      With the ongoing debt crisis, the federal government needs all the revenue it can get. All of those $1000 to $10000 fines that idiotic air travelers will receive will really help out…

      1. Danimal61 says:

        Yo Shane, you need to go back to the country you came from since your obviously not an American, and anytime you want to step outside my friend just let me know…It would be a pleasure to punch your face. A real american(s) pleasure…Your not going to be so smart mouthed whn i finish with you…”boy”! And no this isn’t a threat..Its a fact 🙂

    3. Sam says:

      Every person who interferes with TSA airport security, should be forever banned from commericial flights.

      1. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

        And any moron who would gladly trade liberty for a sense of security, deserves neither.

      2. badlight says:

        Do you Baaaaahhhhhh while they feel you up?

      3. ME again says:

        Sam LIKES being fondled…

      4. blaine says:

        if you really think the tsa contributes to any ones security then you are sadly misinformed .they do nothing but train the public to silently surrender their rights or effectively restrict the travel of law abiding citizen that do not wish to be sexually assaulted . the tsa has not stopped any kind of attacks at all and regularly fail test runs . the tsa needs to be banned and the people in charge should be charged as the crimminals that they are

      5. tom says:

        Sam, you’re such a freakin’ government apologist lackey.

      6. J.V. says:

        Are you an attorney who only represents sex perverts or do you go to the airport just to watch and to pleasure yourself while the TSA do their nasty deeds?

      7. zombierocket says:

        Sam, you are an idiot

      8. Gary Chambers says:

        Sam, where do they get people like you? How did we make you? If there was a law that said you had to stand on your head every Saturday at noon for 30 minutes, would you do it. Sure you would cuz you know know better. Bc of folks like you, I feel for this country.

        I bet you can do little for yourself; always waiting for an agency to help you with it.

      9. Gary Chambers says:

        Ok, it’s “know no better”.

      10. Benjamin Laden says:

        …and they should be executed by lethal injection…its the American way…God bless America

      11. affirmative action! says:


        You are an idiot.


      12. David says:

        Sam please tell me you have a care giver asigned to you 24/7 I hate the thought that a lobatomized man might have to make his own memals and wipe his own arse.

      13. Rex says:

        Sam, You’re a clover.

      14. Rex says:

        TSA employees are just regular folk doing their jobs. Wasn’t that the justification given by many a Nazi – just following orders? It couldn’t have been wrong to gas Jews and incinerate their corpes if our superiors ordered us to do it. Surely it was for the greater cause of protecting the Father Land, for HOMELAND SECURITY. I hope you enjoy your Fascist States of Amerika, Sam.

      15. john says:

        sam’s one of the people who are responsible for this mess. gladly vote for whoever will provide for them and not complain. good thing they weren’t around during the American Revolution, Sam would have been one of the ones perfectly ok with being taxed by Britain even though they didn’t get a vote.

        Nowadays, you get a vote without paying taxes.

      16. OneOfThePeople says:

        Wow Sam what a good little brown shirt you are. Were you a teachers pet?


      yes agreed! if they want to grope us and our children and grandparents then we should be able to grope them !! “unless” of course it is considered sexual assault- then -well then the TSA should be charged by EVERY local Sheriff for sexual assault on multiple counts! let the revolution begin!! i am in- I WILL NOT SUBMIT F*&^ you TSA

    5. Filio Scotia says:

      The best way to fight these TSA terrorists is in the courtroom. Since she’s charged with a felony, she will be brought to trial. I am calling on the people of Colorado to find her Not Guilty. That should send a loud and clear message to the TSA that We the People are not happy with the way they’re treating us.

      1. girlymctx says:

        Amen brother American.

    6. RobertG says:

      National Grope Back Day in honor of Yukari Mihamae is a winner! Oh please let me be on the jury.

  2. titus says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. RajCaj says:

      The minute a plane runs into Sears Tower, because a young asian woman smuggled a tazer in her babies diapper bag, everyone will want to know HOW was a tazer allowed to get on the plane. People will call for other people’s heads to roll…blame will get thrown around, etc.

      Do you really think they are going to try this again with another middle eastern man, between the age of 18-27, dressed in full arabic garb? Or would they potentially use a demographic that is a little less conspicious???

      Use your head people.

      I’ll take a pat down any day, if it means I get home to my family safe.

      1. marg1 says:

        False sense of security. You have been duped.

      2. marcin says:

        You obviously don’t know history.

        You surrender your liberty for security, you will have no liberty and no security.

      3. SilenceDogood says:

        Good grief. Tazers [sic] are already getting on planes.

      4. Dave says:

        I would rather than happen than give away any more rights

      5. Bucko says:

        RajCaj, what are you mumbling about? You sound like you’re broadcasting from another planet.

        HELLO?! That’s the very point so many are making. There are reports and witnesses that claim the TSA waves through people wearing full Muslim garb for fear of being “politically incorrect.” Waves them through and strip-searches the Scandinavian-looking little-old-lady.

        What part of the oh-so-simple equation don’t you understand? It’s a sham. You’ve been cozened and conditioned. Get your head outta the sand.

      6. CleanFun says:

        RajCaj, You’re a sniveling coward who needs to take his own advice about “Use your head”. Your concept is adolescent and poorly thought out.

        Terrorism only stops when we stop allowing it to effect us by stripping us of our freedoms. When you give in to terrorism, like condoning TSA, it’s like feeding a starving bear. It only serves to energize them and increase their appetite.

        You realize that 9/11 hijackers didn’t even have tazers right? They had box cutters. And those are still being snuck on to planes today.

      7. c says:

        “because a young asian woman smuggled a tazer in her babies diapper bag,”

        Most have no issue with TSA searching diaper bags… your point is a fail.

      8. Matt says:

        “I’ll take a pat down any day, if it means I get home to my family safe.”

        That’s because you’re a subservient coward who doesn’t understand nor respect the Constitution. Your “safety” is most CERTAINLY not more valuable than MY Constitutional rights.

        “He who values security over liberty deserves neither and will lose both.” -Ben Frankilin

      9. TS says:

        I would rather die a free man in a terrorist attack than a man enslaved by a socialist tyrannical government.

      10. LIBERTY OR DEATH says:


        1776 IS THE ANSWER TO 1984

      11. LTCB says:

        Matt, below, you’re part of the problem. You’re a sheep and don’t even know it. Our ancestors fought and died over lesser issues than what we willingly let the TSA do to us today. Your lack of concern borders, if not exceeds, that of treason. If you ever took the oath to serve and defend, then you’re in violation of that oath. It doesn’t stop just because you “got out”. The oath is a lifetime affair and especially so for all citizens who have served in the military or government. Every TSA agent in the nation should stand up for the nation and rrefuse to violate the rights of our citizens. You should all quit your jobs. Same goes for those of you in the air travel industry. Boycott the suckers. They understand the pain they feel in their wallets.

      12. Kestrel says:

        You are an idiot –TSA has never stopped a terrorist going through security. They never will… that is because anybody with a little technical background can evade TSA security and/or take an aircraft down. If the terrorist really wanted to nock aircraft out of the sky they would be doing it on a routine basis. The naked body scanners are about making money – the groping is about intimidating people to accept the naked body scanners.

      13. MD1209 says:


        You are one controlled Zombie – Just like a robot who is programmed by its master and repeats what the programmer says.

        Can you be a human being and think outside a box.

        Watch the movie 1984 and you will look at yourself in the mirror

      14. Bob Dobalina says:

        I would rather die as a victim of a “terrorist attack” than be spied on, treated like a criminal at every turn, and live in a police state. How many “terrorists” has the TSA actually caught? ZERO! You are more likely to be struck by lightning TWICE in your life than to be a victim of a “terrorist” attack. You are more likely to die from a bee sting or snake bite than be a victim of a “terrorist” attack. Over three hundred thousand people die as a result of prescription drugs each year, but the Feds aren’t subjecting the Big Pharma companies to stricter standards. If you think the Feds are actually concerned about your safety… The TSA patdowns are about psychological dominance and control grid conditioning rather than “safety”. Better to live 1 day as a lion than 1000 days as a lamb.

      15. ertdfg says:

        Exactly, the TSA stops this.. which is why they found a stun gun on a plane last week… because the TSA was there to… find it after someone took it on the plane through security.

        Oh, the TSA didn’t catch it? So your hypothetical could happen with or without the Thousands Standing Around that you expect to stop this sort of thing?

        Oh well, at least they’ll still be groping people, hassling the elderly, and stealing from your luggage… the few things they’ve succeeded in doing since implemented.

        Be proud of the rude pervy thieves that you’re defending… admit the only things they’ve succeeded in doing. Or maybe keep lying… yeah, that’s probably a better idea.

      16. Dan says:

        Thomas Jefferson: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

      17. john says:

        There’s a bigger chance your plane crashes than a terrorist attack. Time to take the tit out of your mouth and grow up and stop relying on a corrupt system.

      18. KJPS says:

        None of the terrorists on 9-11 wore “full eastern garb”. Nothing security is doing at checkpoints will prevent another 9-11. A HUNDRED 9-11s will not justify the incompetent breaches of person going on. If you want to live in a slave society, feel free to hide in your closet when the rest of us come to take back our dignity and liberty. It’s where you belong.

      19. Yankee Doodle Retrocon says:

        There is a solution, but TSA isn’t it.

        Here it is… Let all licensed concealed carry permit holders carry when they travel. You will NEVER have another hijacking again, and the flight attendants will be far more courteous.

      20. SK says:

        This isn’t about keeping us safe. If it is about protection, then why aren’t they following Israel’s example for screening potential threats? The TSA is conditioning Americans for a police state. Why else are they bypassing Muslims, picking out old women and small children for humiliating searches, forcing family members to watch and do nothing?

      21. Yankee Doodle Retrocon says:

        Hmmm… “asian woman” huh…


      22. jerry says:

        They found a tazer on a Jet Blue plan, no one knows how it got there. Good work TSA.

      23. jerry says:

        After a groping can I get back in line? Seems pretty selfish not to reciprocate.

      24. jshuey says:

        A sheeple answer. You willingly surrender your rights and dignity for a promise of security that can never be kept.

      25. ME again says:

        RajCaj, enjoy your future home in the FEMA resort condo.

        Please educate yourself, because your ignorance is enabling the ruling cabal to justify and get away with these rights violations.

      26. JOMOMMA says:


      27. Bill Fisher says:

        Clearly, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Learn the facts before you spout of nonsense. TSA is a useless and abusive agency and provides no real security to anyone but job security for criminals.

      28. PowerPC says:

        Using your logic, the perfect way to get a weapon or bomb on an airliner would be a young Middle Eastern male decked out in full Arab garb! You said that they would never try it again and the TSA thinks a lot like you do. So, the best way is in a way the TSA does not expect. They think that a 96 year old grandmother or a 6 year old or a 18 month old in diapers is going to be the next terrorist threat. After all they get all of the attention.

      29. Gary Chambers says:

        How do you know that’s what it means? TSA is not/will not/can not guarantee you anything. How did you come to expect that?

      30. Alan says:

        Security does not exist in nature nor do the children of men experience it. Avoiding risk is no safer in the long run than exposure. If you need Mommy and Daddy TSA to wipe your backside for you, perhaps you should just place yourself under house arrest so you can completely fulfill your exchange of freedom for security and leave the rest of the world to people with courage.

      31. Not Flying says:

        Yes, I do. Because TSA refuses to profile so middle eastern men are not being referred for secondary screening. Just the disabled, the elderly and small children. Apparently molesting middle eastern men isn’t enough fun for the TSA agents. Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

      32. Paul Mendez says:

        Raj, ever since 9/11 happened, the citizenry without the TSA will never let another terrorist act follow through. You forget Todd Beamer and Flight 93? Though they were obviously not proactive in their last moments, they took down the terrorists. Can you say that about the TSA? Has the TSA ever caught a terrorist? The answer is they never will!! The citizens onboard (using common sense and relying on each other’s safety) will be looking out for terrorists without being politically correct and do stupid pat downs. And that Raj hero, will be the ultimate deterrent. Not a bunch of touchy feely nonsense TSA workers.

      33. john says:

        You’re not very bright; a regular metal detector would detect a tazer. you don’t need the x-ray machine. we used the x-ray machines in afghanistan….until we realized they didn’t work. you’re better off with regular metal detectors and good human observation.

        WHen is the last time Israel had someone sneak onto a plane with weapons? they dont’ use these things and they have some of the best secured airports in teh world.

      34. CapitalSpirit says:

        TSA is security theater which makes us no safer, and which conditions the People to having their very persons violated just because the Government says it’s okay.

        Bin Laden may be dead, but I’m sure he’s whooping it up in hell because he’s managed to get Americans to surrender their bodies to a power-mad Government.

        The chances of being killed in a terrorist attack on (or by) a plane, statistically, are miniscule. The threat to our Liberties is clear and present.

        How many people died on 9/11? And how many innocent Americans have gotten needlessly traumatized at checkpoints in the past year? One of those is over and done; the other continues even as you read this. Which, then, is a greater act of terror?

        I shall die on my feet, before I ever live on my knees.

      35. Mac Daddy says:

        So RajCaj, how will the tazer in the diaper bag be found if the TSA agents are all busy squeezing woman’s breasts and crotches? How does the tazer in the diaper bag get found if the TSA is busy squeezing my chest and crotch? Did you know Muslim doctors are implanting explosive devices in the rectums and in the skin of terrorists (who are still young Muslim men from places like Yemen)?

        I can understand feeling up Muslim breasts but are you willing to submit to fingers up your anus? I don’t know about your anus but mine is tinged by a sign which reads “Severe Tire Damage – Do Not Enter”

      36. Mac Daddy says:



    2. Paul says:

      Spoken like a good citizen of a Communist Government or Dictatorship

    3. marg1 says:

      It won’t be long before the groping by TSA will be everywhere. You will sing a different song when it’s your wife and children being zapped by the porno x-rays and felt up by TSA pervs.

      1. c says:

        Tit for tit….

      2. John says:

        I love your reply… 🙂

      3. Mac Daddy says:

        Tit for Pat

    4. Bucko says:

      Thor, give it a rest. You must make even yourself sick.

      Nothing worse than a sniveling, cowardly shill for authoritarianism, masquerading as some half-assed “voice of reason.”

    5. Edgar Friendly says:

      Seig Heil Thor!!

    6. Beth Barber says:

      Denver TSA, thank you for fondling my boobies and scanning me, cause that’s what TSA loves to do, make you feel uncomfortable already and then violate you. Seriously something messed up with TSA to allow this and it is very wrong, I felt like I was being molested by this process, complete violation and they can get away with it. So very messed up.

      1. BILL says:


    7. eihwaz says:

      I don’t expect any gov’t. agency to “provide a safe environment” for travel. It’s impossible. I do demand that gov’t obeys the supreme law of the land. So, to the gander I say, comply with the Constitution or your days are numbered.

    8. Marty says:

      I refuse to fly because I am a Christian and the Bible commands me to be modest (which rules out naked scanners), and commands me that nobody is to touch me except for my wife (which rules out enhanced patdowns).

      This lady is a hero.

    9. JL says:

      And how many breaches has there been since they’ve started this harassment – 2500?

      If you really think this is about keeping the air safe, you are totally brain-washed. The government doesn’t protect you, it controls you.

    10. norman west says:

      you mean whats good for the goosed

    11. BigAl says:

      You wouldn’t need any of the TnA if people were able to exercise their second amendment rights. Abdul is a coward, he would never attack a place where people are known to carry firearms.

  3. scr1bbler says:

    Sounds to me like an exemplary case of “Fire Hydrant wets on Dog”.

  4. Hank Warren says:

    She is the Rosa Parks of the anti-TSA movement. Useless, abusive TSA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Robert says:

      Concur!! Someday there will be a statue to Yukari Mihamae in Washington DC!

      1. BOOYAH says:


      2. Randy says:

        I volunteer all my tax money to go to build the statue and the TSA gets nothing.

    2. LBR says:

      Can’t tell if you’re trolling, or just REALLY dumb…. Pot’s calling the kettle black, you calling Robert an idiot.

    3. BooyaIsAnIdiot says:

      Who is Rosa Parks? Booya, You are an idiot.

    4. Bill Fisher says:

      Absolutely. An agency of criminals hiring criminals to harass, abuse and rob innocent travelers.

    5. bruce brinkmann says:

      Ron Paul, 2012. Our one and only hope for truly restoring America.


      best comment yet!

    7. Walt Dukehart says:

      Oh she’s no Rosa Parks. Parks was a political hack with an agenda. The so-called civil rights movement canonized Parks for political purposes. Nothing more, nothing less. Mihamae is a TRUE HERO !

      1. Rex says:

        Glad to see that someone knows his history.

  5. Infowars says:

    Ain’t no fun when the rabbits got the gun huh?!

    1. John Doe says:


      Infowars said “rabbiTs” not “rabbis”.

      Make me wonder which side you were on in WWII.

    2. USMC says:

      Which side WWII Germany??

  6. John in NC says:

    …”charged with felony sexual abuse”…


    1. aki009 says:

      Only in Colorado (and perhaps Kahlifornia and NYC, too.)

      1. Michelle "Hamburgler" Obama Speaks... says:

      2. spaceman says:

        But this happened in Arizona.

    2. BOOYAH says:

      SEXUAL ABUSE. a titty twist is sexual abuse.

      1. SilenceDogood says:

        So is the breast rubbing, labia poking and testicle fondling that Team Sexual Assault performs every day on innocent people. I’m glad to see they’re getting a taste of their own disgusting medicine.

      2. BigDaddyDK says:

        Feeling up little children is child molestation too. What’s your point? Is it OK to do because they’re “just following orders”? I think we ruled that out as a defense at Nuremberg.

      3. Mac Daddy says:

        Big Daddy, Mac Daddy couldn’t agree with you more!

    3. CrispyJay says:

      It’s not sexual abuse if there is no sexual intent or sexual pleasure derived. No more than kicking or punching a man in the testicles during a fight. You may claim that is assault (perhaps justifiable) but not sexual assault unless there is some missing information. If mere contact with breasts or genitals is a sexual act, then doctors, nurses, AND TSA SCREENERS are guilty of the same thing.

      1. John says:

        CrisyJay you are wrong! Sexual assult/abuse is about POWER and CONTROL rather than sexual intent or sexual pleasure. This is commonly known and universally accepted in modern psychology. Since Power, control, humiliation, and domination is exactly the goal of our government over us then the TSA agents who act for the government are literally sexually abusing the public. Thats right: your government is sexually abusive. America is becoming a police state. I for one appreciate what this woman did. I see her as a hero who stood up to tyranny. There are plenty more people who are fed up too. We come in all shapes and sizes. We will prevail in the end.

      2. girlymctx says:

        Who says they aren’t getting any sexual gratification? I think I read somewhere that the TSA had hired a criminal sex abuser. Criminals are being hired.mark my words. Once Obama is out of office we will be getting to the truth of all these deceptions!

    4. Bob Dobalina says:

      Sexual abuse indicates that a sexual organ was abused, right? Breasts, even big juicy breasts, are not sexual organs. Breasts are on the female body to feed the chillwrens. Only in a country with such puritan laws could anybody be ignorant enough to consider a breast as a sexual organ.

      1. WestHoustonGeo says:

        “Such Puritan Laws”?
        I invite you to go and critisize the “putitan laws of Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al.
        Speak loudly and grpope fervently and examine the results.

      2. BigDaddyDK says:

        Try that defense in court when you grab a woman’s breasts, or when you rub a child the wrong way on the bottom. Sexual abuse under the law is not limited to the sex organs, but constitutes an entire array of acts that are sexual in nature.

        Based on your comment, you, sir, are a complete idiot.

      3. Celeste Christi says:

        Following your logic Granny can’t be charged with sexual abuse.

  7. ivanthedestroyer says:

    Yes, Americans, How Dare You Question your Authority? You know, if your founders could see you now, they would spit in your face. A people so cowardly that they will not defend their own children from being molested by strangers deserve neither liberty nor freedom.

    1. David says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s pathetic what we’ve come to in this country just to feel an illusion of safety. Ask many of the air travelers and they’ll say “better safe than sorry”. I’m looking forward to the logical next step of a mandatory anal probe.

    2. MDT says:

      Amen to that Ivan

  8. broccoliobama says:

    Rough sex gone bad………………………

  9. anon says:

    Good for her! Do one to others as they do to you!!

  10. CB says:

    Titty twosters for all!!

  11. broccoliobama says:

    It’s a good cause, but I wouldn’t want to spend a long time in jail just to protest the TSA Nazis.

    1. Marti says:

      Letters from a Birmingham Jail.

    2. Delyon Getty says:

      Your attitude my dear is precisely the reason these thugs get away with it. Poor public spirit indeed…. you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get a spine reinforcer in place.

      1. broccoliobama says:

        If I’m going to jail, it will be fighting the root cause………………..LIBERALS ! ! !

      2. SilenceDogood says:

        @broccoliobama this liberal is just as disgusted. Enough is enough. The Terrorist Support Agency needs to be disbanded. Yesterday.

  12. Ranger01 says:

    The TSA Should be charged with Felony sexual abuse by everyone that goes through being groped. The TSA has way too much power. Dismatle it, and let the airlines handle it themselves.

    1. Touchy-Feely says:

      Too late. I think they’re unionized thanks to Odummer. More votes for a desparate man.

  13. broccoliobama says:

    What’s worse than a Hurricane ? ?

  14. broccoliobama says:

    ……………….TITTY-TWISTERS !! !

  15. MidWestMike says:

    Seems perfectly reasonably to me, good for the goose good for the gander.
    How do you like it you TSA idiots!

  16. Touchy-Feely says:

    If I were a terrorist, I would certainly use the TSA role as an entry point to secure areas – more so than impersonating a 90-year-old grandma. Citizens have a responsibility to extend the TSA procedures to all for the benefit of society.

    1. symptomchecker says:

      Yes someone gets it! This comment is great and makes me laugh a little too. It seems that most of the U.S.A. citizens get it, liberals and conservatives and moderates too. There istoo much government involvement in our lives which in fact does not make us safer. I hope for CHANGE that will use common sense and the tried and tested security which has been used successfully in Israel for years. It will take time and perhaps the people applying for these jobs will have to be capable of more thought than “hmmm did I miss a spot under her breast, better go over it again…” in order to pardon the pun, handle the job. Perhaps the next inhabitant of the Whitehouse can handle the TSA union or not like Reagan handles the air traffic controllers who went on strike. And put a common sense system into place, private or public.

  17. Raaaaaaaaaaj says:

    I hope it doesn’t come to this, but it seems like it will only take another 9/11 type incident to make people realize that a pat down is NO BIG DEAL, and for your protection. How quickly we forget. You can drive if you’d like, or take a boat if needed to get where you are going. People need to get over it.

    1. Robert says:

      Raa.. If I wanted to take down a plane, I would simply slap a magnetic bomb to the bottom an airplane. I would cross the tarmac .. probably wearing an airport staff jumpsuit … I would be going into the building and waiting in the grope line! The infuriating thing about all this is that is not EVEN trading freedom for security .. it is trading freedom for nothing.

      Robert (Air Force officer who has had the displeasure of working with the Dept of Homeland Security – the most politicized department in DC).

      1. Robert says:

        I mean of course that I would NOT be waiting in the grope line.

    2. MrC says:

      Raaaaaaaaaaj posted: I hope it doesn’t come to this, but it seems like it will only take another 9/11 type incident to make people realize that a pat down is NO BIG DEAL, and for your protection.

      I ask simply, R, can you name one TSA groping that prevented anything? Just one? Thought not.

    3. ivanthedesroyer77 says:

      Idiot. There were no bombs, guns, or missiles used by the 9/11 hijackers. You are a Stupid Sheep. Give me Ten Strong-Men and Tomorrow I could easily take control of a Plane. I could let the TSA play with my BALLS ALL GD DAY!!!


      1. truther says:

        Thank you Ivan… and Americans have become such weaklings that you could most likely do it with 3 not the 10 you state.

    4. BILL says:


    5. spaceman says:

      Oh yea, no big deal. That silly little thing called the 4th Amendment.

      1. Rex says:

        The problem with the Fourth Amendment is the weasleword “unreasonable.” Guess who gets to define “unreasonable?” Yep, the government.

    6. ertdfg says:

      Exactly, sure they grope people, soil the elderly in their own bodily wastes, and steal from thousands of bags.. but they stop 40% of weapons during tests… and that will save us.

      Only by having a 40% solution can we feel safe; and knowing these people who are standing there catching slightly fewer than half of all proscribed items passing through the gate are doing this job makes all the robbery, offense, delays, and rude behavior worthwhile..

      Who wouldn’t willingly be robbed and groped if they knew that someone who wanted to kill them only had a 60% chance to get a weapon through to do so?

      Oh, and the TSA has quit allowing reporting of their success/fail rates on weapon/bomb tests… any guesses why?

    7. truther says:

      You need to get yourself a copy of the Federalist Papers and read them. They’re free, just google it. Once yoou have completed the prerequisite study you will be armed and informed, possibly even prepared to understand the real picture! Untill then please go away and let the grown ups talk.

      “A People who would sacrifice a little essential freedom for a little temporary security will deserve neither and loose both!” — Benjamin Franklin–

      1. Rex says:

        Actually, everyone should read the anti-Federalist papers. Those guys all predicted that the Constitution, if ratified, would give us the government that we have. The fact that the rabid nationalist, Hamilton, so vigorously fought for ratification should give pause. If Hamilton was for it, that should have been a good enough reason to oppose it. I say go back to the Articles of Confederation.

  18. Michelle says:

    LOL, the evil TSA fails to see the irony.

  19. mda says:

    I’ve flown twice in July and have not flown in the last decade. I have no record and was searched twice! I guess being a white middle aged male makes me TSA-feel-up bait!!! I have no been out of the country for 20 years… The TSA are a Nazis-based organization t intimidate Americans! They should be thrown in jail and the liberals who supported them should be fired and charged with sexual assault!

  20. Ranger01 says:

    The airlines lost my business when the TSA got involved and started naked screening and groping. I will drive. I will not go abroad until this is stopped.

    1. Goldie says:

      Take a ship abroad.

    2. Dee Jay says:

      I also refuse to fly or ride the rails (VIPR alert!) .

    3. Not Flying says:

      Me too. Drove from AZ to NY to visit my family

  21. bandejo says:

    The pat downs do no good as they cant pat down peokle in burkas or young middle eastern men but must be politically correct and concentrate on children and grandmothers. This woman should be givenb a medal and elected to congress.

    1. Nativam says:

      Right on, Bandejo.

    2. Hammer says:

      Because protecting us is not the purpose. Treating you like your a prisoner and breaking your will is the purpose. I would warn them first that touching me inappropriately that legally is sexual assault as we see by the tsa response to this event, will result in me “defending” myself. We need to back up anybody at the airport that faces this problem.

    3. LTCB says:

      This could become a “Bunker Hill” moment, if they don’t go into some sexual perverse behaviour enmasse. The TSA should be disbanded. The give you no actual security for the un=Constitutional searches they conduct daily. I don’t care if you don’t mind it or “want to be safe”. That’s a crock. Our ancestors fought this form of dictatorship all over the world only to have it land on our own back yards. Impeach the rascals, prosecute the perverts and return to the Constitution.

    4. Michael Mowry says:

      “GD” the TSA criminal organization. This woman has internal fortitude. Not like most american Sheep 7 Slaves! 1776 Now! “V”

    5. SK says:

      Want to bypass TSA security? Wear Muslim clothing when flying.

    6. Darkhorserunning says:

      Ever notice how more potential mass murders on airplanes have been stopped by their fellow passengers than have ever been stopped by any TSA agent?

    7. Mike says:

      TSA needs to criminally profile terrorists, like Israel does on EL AL flights, and concentrate on them, instead of groping people with no probable cause or even a hint of reasonable suspicion. The FBI profiles serial killers, why don’t we profile the people likely to kill us on airplanes?

    8. kerry says:

      As they say you will only get the Tyranny you are prepared to put up with . This is not the freedom that so many died for . She is a hero .

    9. Daniel Montgomery says:

      If only everyone would grope back. It’s called self-defense. You grab my junk, I grab yours. If she goes to jail then I have lost all faith in the government. Nevermind that ship has sailed. Give her a congressional medal of honor for standing up to fascist sexual assaults by playing them at their own evil game.

    10. Mark Jessup says:

      This most interesting comment leads me to what I consider a stroke of genius: ALL U.S. citizens should begin wearing veils, robes and burkas, carrying Korans, and just murmur a bunch of nonsense about ‘allah-this, allah-that, allah-99-dollars-plus-tax’, etc., and be included in that immune group of travelers who are NEVER patted down or subjected to the fascist groping of the federal T&A goons.

    11. Frank says:

      Is it possible this is done to humiliate Americans? This is causing considerable harm and must at all costs be stopped. Federal and State laws consider unwanted touching as a crime, yet to travel if you refuse the grouping, you don’t get to travel. As we’ve seen recently, if a parent stands up for his/her child, they are arrested. Also, we should look at the TSA agents. What type of person wants to go to work to do GROPING on strangers? Do they have criminal records? Badge numbers and names should be accessed and checked out because a normal person wouldn’t be interested in touching ‘junk’ as a job description. Let’s get real. The other day, while TSA was groping the plane load of passengers, a woman was allowed onto the plane with a 3″ knife. Not once, but twice. Where does this get us but humiliated. This must stop.

    12. BOB says:


    13. sapbig15 says:

      this is to you and all the other dumb-as-ses out there- if you don’t want the security don’t fly- they may not be enjoyable and are surely a pain in the butt but if it stops one fu–ing retrard from killing hundreds of people so be it- as far as this stupid wench she should be arrested and put in jail for a long time- I don’t fly often but when I do at least I can feel a little safer doing so- the tsa people are not the friendliest things in the world but look at what they have to deal with- alot of stupidity-so if you don’t want to go thru security you should not be allowed to fly-everyone is concerned about their rights but when you are dead you don’t have any to bring you back- tsa keep doing what you do and the devil with the people think.

  22. squeekeron says:

    Abolish the TSA now!

  23. Donna Franklin says:

    You go girl! Too bad none of the “parents” had the balls to stop their children from being molested.

  24. C. Brown says:

    She totally is a hero. These people need to be, AT THE VERY LEAST, jailed. U hope her case is one that returns us to the constitution.

  25. Lance burton says:

    They will make an example of her, and find some “friendly” judge to throw the book at her. All designed to get you to comply.

    1. Kingfish says:

      Well at least Holder can get a job at the TSA sniffing baby and old peoples depends for explosives.

  26. tom says:

    Why do we have to listen to the so called experts on security? The TSA wasnt around before 9/11 and its been 11 years since it happened. Its time to come up with another solution besides the TSA. Privatize security in airports no more TSA! Thank you Yukari Mihamae for doing what others secretly wish to do but are afraid of doing so because of aholes in uniforms.

  27. speedy says:

    its time those TSA pedifiles and perverts get a taste of their own medicine. those TSA agents who grope men women and children belong in prison. the public needs to stop these people.

    1. Jude234 says:

      It’s time for men to demand female gropers, and women to demand male gropers. Then make excitement noises and actions as you’re publicly groped. Wonder how long before TSA stopped it then

  28. pat says:

    How can it be abusive if TSA does it every day millions of times to infidels?

  29. tyranus says:

    stop flying in airplanes…and the TSA has no reason to exist and our bein suckered in to positions like this poor woman that will be charged, tried, convicted and fined to teach a free people they are ruled by aristocrats again and your republic is dead.

    Employers, be patriotic, etend work at home policies and invest in teleconferencing..and american, get out and see the usa in that chevrolet…the drive will do you good and its cheaper in gas to rent a high MPG rental and drive it someplace…its just for about 4 to 6 months, then the airline industry will be our biggest advocate and michael chertoff israli mossad dual israel/us citizen (yeah like his loyalties are to the air traveler) will go out of business and go back to israel where the all belong., you know who I mean…the traitors

    just don’t fly! the airlines will get rid of TSA

    1. Paul says:

      How exectly to you propose people stop flying…I’m going to Cali, Colombia in 2 days. Am I supposed to ride my bike from Florida?

      1. Kingfish says:

        Stay home and video conference, then you won’t have to pad your expense account and look for ho’s, or you could swim!

  30. dalehendon says:

    So nice to see so many blogging the truth, justice and American perspective on this insidious authoritarian facist government.
    Freedom; let freedom ring from hill to shining hill.

  31. tyranus says:

    I like what just happened in China where a town stormed their police station and took it into the posession of the people. Freedom has a price

  32. Jmac5280 says:

    Obama’s TSA (yes the enhanced screening are entirely his administrations) can sexually molest Americans everyday with arrest, but they will do everything in their power to put this woman away for a long time.Where this country is headed is not pretty.

  33. Bob says:

    It’s time to stop the insanity but who knew it would take an Asian to get the ball rolling. I’m not one who believes that 9/11 was an “inside job” but it sure seems like it was milked by the movers & shakers for everything it was worth!

  34. Hammer says:

    I thought I was going to have to chastise people for not “getting it”, but it appears you do. Every comment I read says the same thing, HANDS OFF TSA!!! God Bless you all!. Lets go to trial and get this good lady acquitted.

    FYI tsa stands for “the sexual assaulters”


  35. Melaine Cooper says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the goosee. Good for you. I hope you get a jury that is informed about jury nullification.

  36. broccoliobama says:

    To think of all the money I’ve paid a dominatrix to do this.
    Coulda just gone to the airport.

  37. aj says:

    This idot woman is getting probably a lot less than she deserves. Had tI been the one groped I have slammed her to the floor or had it been a man he’d be visiting the dentidt. To all the people out there that are so childish that they condone whatthis moron did….you’re all as much low-lifes as she is stupid!

    1. broccoliobama says:

      aj, you are a party-pooper.

    2. Kevin says:

      aj when did you start at the T&A?

    3. Abby says:

      I’m taking it that you haven’t been through TSA since you havent slammed any of those gropers on the floor. Does anyone know whose representing this lady and if there is a legal fund we can contribute to yet?

    4. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

      Shut-up Idiot. Look at the Numbers against YOU -AND PRAY- You don’t get MOBBED playing Child Rapist.
      Play that stupid rent-a-cop BS with me and I will perform a tracheotomy cut-down on you, while you stand there groping … MORON!

    5. Kingfish says:

      Poor assj didn’t get his fill on his shift of licking baby diapers for explosives today, maybe he will be in a better mood tomorrow.

      1. BILL says:


    6. ertdfg says:

      OOoh, someone found their online balls… too bad the offline ones aren’t as impressive.

  38. Lacretia Ballance says:

    It’s the employers of the selective law enforcement by spineless, honor-less, cowardly governmental employees that brings this about. From behind their guns, double-standards, dark-clothes, badges of disgrace and the lie of protecting the public they allow themselves to stalk, molest, peep, feel-up, brutalize, traumatize, arrest, and psychically and psychologically rape children, and adults willing to sacrifice dignity for the lie of security.

    They won’t arrest themselves for what they would joyfully arrest you.

    They are unwell for doing what they are doing. We are unwell for allowing it.

    Government employees don’t prosecute corporate or governmental fraud, crime yet we keep letting them take our taxes and pay themselves well.

    The airlines you fly on and the airports you use to fly are ALLOWING this to happen to all their patrons. They could put a stop to the TSA meddling, but they don’t. There are alternatives to the TSA that would provide real safety, but the airlines, the airports, the Homeland Security, the local, county and state police, the FBI, the governmental representatives, etc. are too lazy and satisfied with their pay and perks to care for real safety or to value freedom.

    It is safer and easier to brutalize the innocent then to really catch the criminal.

  39. Joe says:

    How can it be criminal sex abuse… didn’t the TSA agent do the same thing?

    They are both adults…

    Must have been consensual, I mean if you grab someone’s private parts first, you can’t say you didn’t consent to a sexual event, can you?

  40. no sheep says:

    Yukari Mihamae is a true American patriot fighting the tyranny of the TSA! The Department of Homeland Security is nothing more than a collection of thugs engaged in keeping a corrupt federal government in power by any means necessary.

  41. Bob123 says:

    This one jury I would love to be on…

  42. Russ says:

    I don’t know about you morons, but I would prefer NOT to die in a fiery ball of jet fuel

    1. Spud J Dog says:

      So, you’re willing to submit to ANY indignity just to be able to convince yourself that the TSA goons are keeping us safe. I assume you don’t drive either, cause you could end up in a flaming ball of gasoline.

    2. Kevin says:

      Russ, I challenge you to name a single instance where the TSA stopped a would be bomber. Show me the report where a TSA inspector found 1 bomb and then I’ll show you 3 that got passed them.

    3. truther says:

      you are by definition a COWARD!

  43. John says:

    What kind of moron would hail this woman as a hero. If you don’t want to be screened take a bus but most of us want people checked before they board our planes.

    1. Anne says:

      Most of us DON’T want people checked. Specially when they skip the young Muslim men and pull aside 6 year olds and grannies in wheelchairs. If they used some common sense, it would be different.

    2. truther says:

      you are in the same boat with Russ here being that you are by definition a COWARD!

  44. Ryan Mouk says:

    I think the major complain that TSA had was that Yukari Mihamae was 61, not 6.

  45. Jmac5280 says:

    It is better to die a free man than to live as a coward or a slave.

  46. PilotDave says:

    “Rule of Law” means what is illegal is illegal. So, if what she did was Felony sexual assault should apply to every TSA agent who has done the same… those of you who are “We the Sheeple” go live under Chairman Mao, Stalin, or whom ever totalitarian regime you prefer.

  47. hot toddy says:

    I wonder what would be siad if all men zipper undone let itt all hang out in the grope line, would it be an offence to assist the TSA groppers.

  48. Anonymous says:

    If this goes to trial, it would be a perfect case for the application of the principle of jury nullification.

  49. Anne says:

    You could hold a stewardess hostage with a ballpoint pen shoved at her neck. You are delusional if you think TSA is stopping anything by taking our shampoo and nail clippers away. Alert CITIZENS have stopped more incidents than TSA ever will.

  50. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Stop flying now. Reject the degenerates that call themselves government that are not your friend. Disband the TSA and start the investigation into all involved in the body scanners.

    ——- http://911essentials.com

  51. Jmac5280 says:

    John, to be truly be safe, all passengers would have to submit to rectal probes, as no current TSA screening can detect explosives hidden inside a body cavity. The TSA even admits this fact. Since you seem to be in favor of this increased “security” john, drop your drawers…………you’re up first.

    1. Kingfish says:

      Excellent idea, in fact we can get Obummer to show them how the procedure is done, by sticking his head up their corn hole.

  52. Daneye1@mac.com says:

    Where. Can we send her Money

  53. observing You says:

    Wow!! The TSA fascist pigs don’t like the sheep kicking back.

  54. PacRim Jim says:

    Haven’t we given up enough freedom already?
    Have the terrorists won?
    I would rather risk the occasional terrorist attack than feel like I lived in a prisoner of war camp.

  55. JJ1970JJ says:

    If the nurple don’t fit, you must acquit!

  56. Joanne Newnam says:

    The TSA will not profile. So while it gropes obviously looking Americans who are grandma and grandpa, babies, little children, beautiful women, teens and mom and dad the flip side is also true. Isn’t it? They must be letting obvious Islamics through without being groped and examined. Do you really feel safer? Are you really willing to give up your freedoms? And if you think this will end one day – it will not. There are plans to expand Big Brother to trains, schools and the highway. Impeding free movement. Isn’t communism great! And I really wonder how much porn the TSA agent has done the night before to get ready for his or her day.

  57. Matt says:

    Do you think the average TSA officer wants to grop an 85 year old woman, I don’t think so. Working for the federal government means you have to follow the rules, or you are fired. And in this economy getting fired means you are probably going to work a McDonalds afterwards. If you want to complain to someone, don’t take it out on the TSA officer, complain to your congress person or senator.

    1. marcin says:

      so quit the job

    2. James says:

      “I was just following orders” was found not to be a defense at Nuremberg Germany at the end of WW II. By leveling Felony Sexual Assault Charges against this woman the TSA/DHS has admitted that they are committing the same crime against every person they “Pat Down”. The government is going to try every way possible not to give this woman a jury trial as they will have I believe a very hard time getting a conviction otherwise.

    3. Matt Chappel says:

      Despite what today’s society would have you believe, you ARE still responsible for your own actions. If I take a job, and my boss tells me to break the law, I QUIT the job. So, all these TSA agents who are simply “following orders” are RESPONSIBLE for CHOOSING to infringe on our Constitutional rights. But that just tells you what trash TSA agents are… As long as they have a job, they don’t mind trashing the Constitution.

  58. AncestralYuba says:



    Next year’s Grand Marshall at the 4th of July Parade.

  59. Iraq Vet says:

    Ha ha. We all need to do the same thing! This lady has some balls, unlike the average American.

  60. Mannie says:

    Since it is acceptable for our servants in the Government to fondle Citizens in the name of security or something, it must be an acceptable thing to do. The only fair thing is to decriminalize sexual groping.


  61. Denis Drew says:


    What is really ironic is that this woman was charged with a felony in Colorado. In he story linked to above, widely reported at the time airport groping began, a woman with two small boys received a “quick pat down” on her REAR POCKET by a MALE guard at the front door of a COURTHOUSE (both named) to find a backing for a paper sticker — — which the “remote viewer” spotted in her naked scan. The “remote viewer” pictured, not necessarily the same one, seems to have a small black and white monitor to the side of the scanner screen. Does you suppose he is watching old movies?

  62. Thor says:

    titus, let’s see if you still feel that way when I grope your daughter….

    1. JustGuy says:

      Thor, You work for the TSA?

      I knew the TSA employes pedophiles and molesters, but I never saw one admit it. A TSA pedophile working at Logan Airport was arrested for this stuff.

  63. Denis Drew says:

    How could one guy with something in his underwear turn a whole country upside down? If his one crazy self had never tried it we would never even have thought of strip searching/groping before flying — not to mention the TSA now wants to follow us everywhere else (even high school proms!).

    Thing is: nobody is trying to blow up airliners — not if they are already in America on the ground — especially since a personally hidden bomb isn’t very promising to bring down an airliner. There was one guy who planned to blow up a dozen 747s on one day with carry on luggage hidden bombs. But when he was on the ground here he attempted to bring down the World Trade Center with a bomb in the basement — hoping it would fall over on and knock down the sister tower — both still full of people.

    No red blooded crazy wants to sneak a couple of ounces of explosive in underwear when he can deliver a truck load with explosive. The realistic airliner threat is from foreign airports — whence we just have to rely on nobody trying anything effective for tens of millions of flights in a row. Outside our borders is the only place terrorists entertain the notion of implant bombs — if you are here why go to so much bother — probably too small to do more than kill nearby passengers.

    We would not randomly force breathalyzers into the mouths of 24 million drivers a year (that fits 3% of 800,000,000 domestic originating passengers) even though fear of the random testing could potentially save thousands from being killed by drunk drivers. Meanwhile the stripping/groping regime may be killing hundreds who drive rather than fly.

    All because of one random dopey. As Casey Stengel famously asked: “Does anybody here know how to play this game”?

  64. derek bradstreet says:

    Whoa! What country allows its government agents to charge a citizen with felony sexual abuse BUT citizens cannot charge government agents who grope children and women with felony sexual abuse. I thought groping children was considered a charge of pedophelia and groping a woman was considered a charge of sexual abuse. How does this make US citizen safe??? I have not seen federal officials subjected to sexual groping. Wake up people. We now live in the Soviet model placed upon the people of East Germany. And that is communism. Remember the 20th century “code word” for socialism – democracy.

  65. Hello Thailor says:

    AJ won’t admit it, but has stopped flying because of the TSA as well… at least until they implement mandatory anal probing. HooHaaa… HooHaaaaaa…

  66. Bugaboo says:

    I have a way that none of you will ever have to experience the TSA: take a car. It’s not a right to fly and if you ignorant people want to jeopardize my safety because you feel intruded upon, take a car instead. Have none of you read the reports that terrorists are using kids as human shields and as possible bomb mules on planes?

    I think the founders would say, “if you don’t like it, you can always ride your horse.”

    1. Anisha says:

      Perhaps you enjoy being felt up by random strangers, but most of us do not. Prisoners already smuggle weapons in their body orifices. It’s only a matter of time before passengers do, and no pat-down – no matter how aggressive – can detect these. What happens when TSA starts conducting strip searches and body cavity searches on random innocent children? Will you support that you ignorant pervert?

    2. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

      Bugaboo … If I want to jeopardize your safety “coward,” I will do so with BRUTE FORCE! People like you should be forced into military service. I WILL NOT SACRIFICE MY FREEDOM, BECAUSE YOU’RE A GD PUSSSSSY!





    3. Commons Sense Would Help says:

      Why isn’t a right to fly in America, comrade? A private individual is contracting with a commercial airline for transportation from point A to point B.

      I think the founding fathers would say “protect the borders and implement immigration and visa policies that make sense.”

    4. ertdfg says:

      Right, we don’t have a right to fly, don’t fly and they don’t bother you.

      Except they’re added to train and bus stations on occasion, so no buses or trains.

      And they did “security” for a Prom, so no proms… and they’ve been looking at malls as a target, so no malls.

      But as long as you stay locked in your house and never leave you can keep your rights. Once you step one foot outside your front door you’re giving up your rights as a human for the government to invade your privacy… it’s your own fault for leaving your home… right?

      Lord that’s some weapon grade stupid you’ve got there Bugaboo, do you need a license for that?

      1. truther says:

        it’s not registered nor was it obtained through proper channels so … ummm… no he don’t have a license for it.

    5. ME again says:

      In fact, Bugaboo, it IS my right to choose to fly. Besides, you NWO tool, TSA “security” is coming to train stations, bus stations and shopping centers near you. What will your mantra be then? “Stay home. It’s not a right to travel or shop and if you ignorant people want to jeopardize my safety by visiting your grandmother or shopping for groceries, you’ll just have to strip down and be fondled wherever you go.”

  67. showmerancher says:

    Turnabout is fair play. Put me on the jury and we’ll make quick work of this and get her on her way, along with the precedent of do unto others what they have done unto you! (When it comes to the TSA.)

  68. gcblues says:

    no jury will ever convict her! she is our hero!

  69. Anisha says:

    Finally the shoe is on the other foot! Why is not a felony when a TSA screener sexually assaults a passenger for no reason? We don’t allow the police to randomly stick their hands in elderly people’s diapers and grope children’s crotches in the name of crime control without at least a reasonable suspicion, so why should we allow TSA – who aren’t even law enforcemernt – to assault and abuse innocent travelers without any reason? Wake up America, these perverted police-state tactics aren’t right and shouldn’t be tolerated. If we don’t put limits on TSA’s power now, there are going to be strip searches and body cavity searches. Just wait and see…

  70. John says:

    I guess you could say, “tit for tat”.

    She is a Patriot on a par with Paul Rvere.

  71. Ricardo says:

    Typical sheeple response: “I love being groped for my safety – if you don’t like it, then drive!”

    How about this? People fly who don’t p1$$ their pants about the one in ten million chance of a bomb.

    The pants-p1$$1ng fascists who want to feel warm and cuddly can drive, or better yet, rent a limo and sit in the back with your blankey and bear-bear.

  72. Lorenzo says:

    When obviously Middle Eastern Muslims get their junk patted down the way these high school drop outs do mine, I will shut up and get with the program. Until then, suicidal, politically correct liberals can kiss my backside.

  73. Anisha says:

    This is state-sponsored sexual assault and child molestation. What kind of a degenerate feels up children all day for a living unless they’re pedophiles?? The police don’t even stoop this low, and we’re about a 1,000 x more likely to be murdered in our streets than blown up on a plane. It’s not worth the indignities. These screeners are perverts who should be in jail.

  74. x says:

    You are never going to do anything for security with how the Fed Gov is doing it now, we do it because we KNOW the terrorist are here, we KNOW they are muslims, and WE are not willing to do the right thing to fix the leak. A plumber would turn off the water, but yet the FED GOV, keeps given muslims VISA, KEEPS letting em pass on their false religious beliefs to prisoners and does not plug our borders. DID you know that the FBI knows who most every muslim terrorist in the us is and yet just like op gun runner they let them walk among us as the FED GOV clamps down on our freedoms!

  75. Obama_Failed says:

    What’s sad about all this talk of the TSA and Janet Napolitano, is the complete lack of connection to the Tyrant Barack Hussein Obama. If thei was happening under G.W. Bush’s Presidency, the Media and it’s minions would make it to seem that GWB was groping every flyer in America and ensuring his name was attached to every article. But the so-called “free press” in America has decided to give the tyrant Obama a free pass on everything and report NOTHING.

  76. IPSE DIXIT says:

    There is not a jury in Maricopa County that will convict this woman of sexual or even simple assault. The TSA may want to reconsider pressing charges because if she’s guilty of sexual assault then isn’t every agent who inappropriately touches a traveler?

  77. Brian says:

    The TSA agent should thank her. No doubt she will be on 3 months paid leave for mental anxiety resulting from the incident.

  78. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

    Someone should set up a website with donations for this woman. Take a Small percentage for yourselves, but she needs to be rewarded -by the American People- for her Troubles. She should never have had to endure that Hostility.

    I believe the website would be extremely lucrative for any individual so inclined. People would be willing to donate for the “compensation and legal funds” to support this woman for doing what everyone has felt like doing.

    This Woman is an AMERICAN HERO!

  79. ooopppppqqqq says:

    What happens when all these freedom-hating “safety” fanatics find out they aren’t really safe, and the government can’t protect them?

    Between future terrorist attacks, looking economic breakdown, wars being fought all over the globe, etc. I think the above scenario is quite likely.

  80. HeyHey says:

    If 5 men ever stand up to take over a plane, minus a gun or bomb, will be put down by the passengers AS YOU SEE EVERYDAY. No longer will we act like the generation of the recent past educated to not act but to do what they were told.

    Go ahead and act stupid on a plane to see if I’m correct.

  81. Bucko says:

    What happened? The comment I replied to got removed? Real nice. Nothing like a “discussion board” that has the all the charm and dynamic of talking to yourself, or the much ballyhooed conversation with the imaginary friend or tree stump.

  82. Dave says:

    Do you really think they would be able to put together a jury that would convict her?

  83. dj says:

    I just road amtrak train roundtrip…no baggage check..no security check. Nobody even checked id….no trains blown up yet. Airport security is joke. You cantr catch terrorist like this. People must wear comfortable clothes and be ready to take down terrorist themselves. Folks stop flying if possible.

  84. bobr says:

    When Obama was campaigning in 2008 and he said we need a domestic security force as well funded and as well armed as our military, I became really alarmed. I said to myself “we already have such a force–that is what we call the police force”. Now, however, I am so comfortable that it has just turned out to be the TSA, that benevolent group preventing all the terrorism. Next, they will be helping us at the malls, movie theaters, and anywhere else where we need their protection. God bless Obamarxist.

  85. JustAGuy says:

    Only employees of the Obama Administration are allowed to leer at naked images of perfect strangers and feel up their children. Anyone else will be summarily arrested….as they should be.

  86. tacitusdominatus says:

    As the blogs (and T$A lines) so clearly represent, the enemy is not just the T$A but our own fellow Americans. Either out of ignorance or sheer stupidity these clueless rubes line right up and legitimize what is an outright violation of law and dignity. The FACT that the T$A has not and will likely never stop a terrorist attack is lost on these people. As far as their concerned, anyone in a suit (or uniform) is credible. Making clear that we Americans who cherish both security and liberty are far outweighed by the historically challenged fools we call neighbors!

    Brian Kilcullen

    “When freedom is a crime all free men (and women) are criminals!”

  87. Matt Chappel says:

    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” – Thomas Jefferson

  88. BIG BEN says:

    The last time I flew I watched the TSA agents single out young attractive women for the full body scan. Someone has to stop this nonsense.

  89. zanne says:

    I admire this woman. I have been “patted down” and the tsa agent eyes were all jiggly and I swear she was sexually enjoying her task. While a pard tsa agent was eyeing my purse AFTER it had been thru x-ray while my back was turned for the pat.. Something is all wrong with the people who work there. Perhaps, not all…just the majority.

  90. AML says:

    Well- think about this. If airport employees can take (read steal) items out of your checked luggage, then they most certainly can put something in it (read bomb) without anyone suspecting a thing. Wake up people- you are not safe!

  91. Sandra says:

    TSA is useless!!! BAN THEM NOW!!!!

  92. Ben says:

    This lady is the next Rosa Parks!

  93. Lighthouse says:

    Just remember EVERYWHERE ELSE you are Innocent until Proven Guilty. In the TSA Security area You are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. This is so they do NOT have to Profile. Like allowing frequent flyers to get one screening and then get a stamp that allows them to skip the Strip-search or Pat-Down Rape.

  94. Denis Drew says:


    A. The following notifications must be made within 24 hours of each new staffing shortage event:
    1) The STSO must notify the FSD, specifying the anticipated duration of the staffing shortage. The STSO must provide subsequent updates to the FSD if the reported duration is exceeded.
    2) The STSO must maintain a count of the number of passengers affected during the staffing shortage and report these numbers to the FSD after the shortage is resolved. No personal or identifying information must be taken from the passenger for purposes of this report. For example, “three female passengers underwent opposite gender screening at Airport X” is an adequate count; however, including the names of the three female passengers in the count would be inappropriate. [MY NOTE: DO TOUCH; DON’T TELL]
    3) The FSD must in turn notify the Area Director, who must monitor such reports and consider how the patterns of staffing shortages, if any, can be addressed. The Area Director or his or her designee must notify the Office of Civil Rights of the staffing shortage and provide a copy of the report indicating the number of passengers subjected to opposite gender screening at each affected airport.

    B. The STSO must ensure that the following notice is provided to an individual of the opposite gender before the individual enters the WTMD:
    1) A TSO of the same gender as the individual presents him or herself to be is not available.
    2) A TSO of the opposite gender will be required to complete the screening process, which may include physical contact between the TSO and the individual.
    3) An LTSO or STSO, if possible, will be present.
    4) Once the individual enters the WTMD, the individual must complete the screening process.

    [I REPEAT: “4) Once the individual enters the WTMD, the individual must complete the screening process.” SO SORRY HIGH SCHOOL GIRL!]

  95. Marc says:

    Can you say “qualified immunity”. Qualified immunity is a government created doctrine that shields government officials from liability for the violation of an individual’s (mundane US citizen’s) federal constitutional rights.

    In other words, thou shalt not sexually molest the government sanctified official who is sexually molesting you.

    1. Christie Lynn Edds Cali says:

      The nazi regime did not find that “following orders” was a legal shield for their actions. I suspect in the end the TSA will find that as well.

      1. Marc. says:

        I hope you are correct.
        However, do you think there is a court in this country that will bring a TSA agent to trial over the enhanced screenings?

  96. Protonius says:

    What the published stories about this incident have NOT yet told us (at least in the accounts that I have seen) is the CONTEXT in which Ms. Mihamae allegedly did this to the TSA agent.

    For example, is it possible not only that Ms. Mihamae may have been justifiably “fed up” with this continual, weekly-repeated, TSA treatment (which she considered the equivalent of a “sexual assault”) of herself, but perhaps ALSO that this particular TSA agent went BEYOND the bounds of even a “TSA-approved” pat-down and instead actually, painfully, harmfully, squeezed and twisted Ms. Mihamae’s “parts”, and that Ms. Mihamae was consequently justifiably angered — and flustered — such that her immediate inclination was to do to the TSA agent exactly what the TSA agent had done to HER?

    In essence, was it the TSA AGENT who, because of the SEVERITY and UNWARRANTED AGGRESSIVENESS of her physical “assault” on Ms. Mihamae, was actually the CAUSE of and LOGICALLY TRIGGERED Ms. Mihamae’s response?

    What the news accounts (as far as I’ve seen) also lack is any information of not only the EMBARRASSMENT that the TSA agent’s “pat-down” may have caused Ms. Mihamae, but also, more importantly, of any PHYSICAL (and even PSYCHOLOGICAL) PAIN that the TSA agent’s grabbing of Ms. Mihamae’s breasts may have caused Ms. Mihamae — which are also issues that, in my opinion, a court may determine as giving Ms. Mihamae “JUST CAUSE” for allegedly having consequently “given the TSA agent a taste of her own medicine”.

    Which leads me to posit this question: How many OTHER people, whether male or female, have similarly been caused PHYSICAL AND/OR PSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN by the gropings of TSA agents. particularly by the actions of TSA agents who have gone BEYOND official TSA-prescribed norms of behavior?

  97. JeddMcHead says:

    For all their groping, probing and gereral abuse of old women and toddlers the TSA has managed to not stop people traveling with forged or fake visa, carrying tasers, knives, guns, you name it. While they’re busy feeling up Grandma, Abdul goes wandereing through screening without so much as a second glance.

  98. 1amWendy says:

    Three cheers for the new Rpsa Parks!!! We are Freedom to Travel USA, an organization dedicated to regaining freedoms taken away from us by the TSA. We believe that suspicionless unwanted touching should not be a condition of travel. We believe that being subject to the equivalent of Peeping Toms without cause should not be a condition of travel. We believe that exposing ourselves to radiation, however small, should not be a condition of travel. We believe that merely the presence of medical metal, in and of itself, should not constitute “probable cause.” h t t p : / / fttusa . org

  99. Iam Wendy says:

    We are Freedom to Travel USA, an organization dedicated to regaining freedoms taken away from us by the TSA. We believe that suspicionless unwanted touching should not be a condition of travel. We believe that being subject to the equivalent of Peeping Toms without cause should not be a condition of travel. We believe that exposing ourselves to radiation, however small, should not be a condition of travel. We believe that merely the presence of medical metal, in and of itself, should not constitute “probable cause.” h t t p : / / fttusa . org

  100. Steve says:

    You know if TSA was actually performing security then they would have a case. Do it right like Israel or don’t do it. We are sick and tired of our government dumbing down everything and telling us to like it.

  101. HenryD says:

    August is National Kick a TSA goon in the Groin Month.
    September is National Slap a TSA goon in the Face Month.
    October is National Poke a TSA goon in the Eye Month

  102. Bruce In Denver says:

    The TSA was a bad idea from the start. The airlines have a vested interest in keeping us all safe with a mimimum of disruption. Give them the tools and authority to do it right: if you’re a young, Muslim male, you should expect to be strip searched each and every time you fly. Others, only if they show indications.

  103. Lilly says:

    When I was a young woman in Philadelphia, a man tried to pull me into an alley. Never having been a victim of violence before, I had no idea how I would react. To make a long story short, that guy was hospitalized afterward. I knew how to fight…I did not know if I would have the instinct to fight.

    This is why I can not go to the airport to be sexually molested or photographed naked for a pervert’s pleasure against my will. I should have the freedom to fly without being sexual molested by TSA perverts and their fearless leader Barack Pervert Obama. I don’t know how I would react to the assault.

  104. Olrik says:

    She looks hot for her age…

  105. Steve in AZ says:

    From the story:

    “We have to play along for our security and the safety of the United States,” one traveler told CBS4.”

    Benjamin Franklin: “Those that would give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

    I vote to aquit. I mean, how do we know that the TSA agent wasn’t really an Al Qaeda mole with machine guns in her bra? Thanks to the quick thinking of this groping traveler, we can “clear” that TSA agent…………until next time. 😉

  106. Brent says:

    This case sounds like a great opportunity for Jury Nullification.

  107. daveinboca says:

    Wow, I’d commend her for her actions. The TSA creeps are ex-cons and ESL dodos who hate Americans and should all be fired. Napolitano is a lez biyotch.

  108. rocket scientist says:

    Now what would happen when they figure out blowin them self up at TSA check point when body scan done or touched.

  109. It's your choice says:

    Everyone, it is your choice to fly and subject yourself to the TSA. You know what you are getting in to beforehand, there are no surprises!!! Drive if you don’t like it. It’s the same as the Momma who gets mad when her son voluntarily enlists in service and is unfortunately killed in action. He knew the risks going in. You know the risks when you fly. If you don’t like it then drive. This lady sounds like she just wants attention to me. They are only infringing on your rights when you don’t have a choice. You have a choice to give your money to the airlines and be subjected to TSA. If you don’t like it, tell the airlines. I haven’t heard them complaining about how TSA is treating their customers. Complain to them that you will take your money and travel another way. They are the only ones who have the power to stop it. Quit complaining!!

    1. Solid Citizen says:

      Air travel is a common form of transportation American citizens should not have to forfeit their fourth amendment rights to travel. Someone tol me that TSA really stands for “Total Sexual Assault”. The Israelis are much more effective about security than the” Thousands Standing Around” crowd

      Quo warranto, B.O.? ( or is it “Quo warranto, B.S”.?)

  110. Bill Starling says:

    Its time for an ideologial cleansing.
    The killer angels are coming…2012

  111. Gerhard says:

    Airlines should provide a percentage of flights in which passengers are simply allowed to board unhindered. See how many who complain about TSA agents take these flights. I’m sure the agents don;t relish these full body pat downs anymore than passengers, but they are employees of a Federal Agency that requires its employees to do so.

    1. Brian Vu says:

      Gerhard, I’m sure the Nazi concentration camp guards would rather be fishing than participation in the debasement of innocent human life. They had a choice and they chose poorly. The same goes with these TSA goons. People should start making citizens arrest of these SS officers.

  112. Chad Moody says:

    Only the brave can inhabit the land of the free. This country has come to be populated by cowards. It is better that we have a 9/11 event every year than that we continue down this path of velvet glove totalitarianism. Many here seem to prefer safety to freedom. Accordingly, they are unworthy of either.

  113. Bunzi says:

    Bunzi says: Just wondering if she enjoyed squeezing the HOOTERS?

    Perhaps, everyone should try it and let me know!

    hee… hee… hee…

  114. Cogiito says:

    We now have legalized sexual attach by Government employees, but the same does not apply to the U.S. citizen.

    We do not enforce existing immigration law
    We do not enforce voter rights law.
    We do not enforce DOMA.
    We do enforce Obamacare, except on friends.

    Any adiministration that refused to enforce the laws of the land is tyrannical.

  115. Torrey Baird says:

    Homeland Security, TSA, the government, can not protect us, they can only study the smoking crater and wonder why people hate us. If you can train an eight year old to take down a potential abductor, certainly we can have video instructions at every gate detailing how anyone from eight to eighty can take down a bad guy. We can protect ourselves and get rid of the futile, worthless and expensive harrasement.

  116. Ju Ju Eyeball says:

    If I was a terrorist, I would blow myself up in the line to be searched by the TSA. So then they will move the lines to just outside the airport, then I would blow myself up in that line, and I would keep doing it until there is a TSA sexual abuse station outside of every American’s front door!! Ha ha! I win!

    – Do you now see this is a fool’s errand?

    And by the way, the United States government got the shoe bomber on his plane and they got the underwear bomber on his plane. READ BETWEEN THE LINES SHEEPLE!!

  117. Solid Citizen says:

    What happened to equal protection under the law? The Total Sexual Assault have apparent immunty form the laws the govern American citizens and others. Please post the information on her legal defense fund.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  118. Solid Citizen says:

    Hopefuly the jury will acquit her

    What happened to equal protection under the law? The Total Sexual Assault agents have apparent immunty form the laws the govern American citizens and others. Please post the information on her legal defense fund.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  119. Freeman says:

    She deserves a medal. The TSA, like the rest of the federal government is way out-of-control. This is a nation of laws, and the same laws apply to government workers. If it’s sexual abuse for her, it’s also sexual abuse every time one of them fondles an airline passenger. If it’s not sexual abuse when TSA agents do it, then passengers should be allowed to fondle TSA agents also.

    Here’s our story…

    It was a typical day at the airport… two security lanes were open, with three agents at each lane, and about a dozen TSA agents just standing around doing nothing. We were passing through security when my son’s back brace caught their attention. Next thing we know, he’s surrounded by six or seven agents, all wearing latex gloves, who were trying to escort him to a private room. I intervene, and ask what’s going on, and they tell me they’re asking him to go to a private room. I ask if it’s about his back brace, and they say yes, they must inspect his back brace. So, I say, “It’s a back brace. May he take it off and show it to you right here?” The “leader” of the TSA gang say something like, “We’re not asking you to do that. If you do that, it would be your decision.” I reassure them, “We’re just trying to get through security as quickly as possible. Nobody’s going to sue you or call the press. How about if I help him take it off right here, so you can inspect it, and we can be on our way?” The leader gets visibly nervous and says, “We’re not asking you to do that. That’s your decision.” So, I help my son take his brace off, while another starts asking, “Well, what if he can’t stand up without his brace?” HAHAHa… seriously! As if his back is made of jelly and he can’t stand up without it, and they were going to make him take it off in private anyway!. So, I give them the brace, where they could have inspected it right on the spot and seen that it was a normal back brace, yet, they took it away, scanned it, poked and prodded it, and finally brought it back to us, and we went on our way. We laugh about it now, but it’s such a troubling testimony of the sad state of the US govt.

  120. Calonzap says:

    She’s a hero to the brainless set.

    1. IraqVet says:

      What a tool!!!

    2. Solid Citizen says:

      You have no appreciation for individual liberty

      Air travel is a common form of transportation American citizens should not have to forfeit their fourth amendment rights to travel. Someone tol me that TSA really stands for “Total Sexual Assault”. The Israelis are much more effective about security than the” Thousands Standing Around” crowd

      Quo warranto, B.O.? ( or is it “Quo warranto, B.S”.?)

  121. jshuey says:

    Has anyone started a defense fund for this woman? I’ll contribute.

  122. marc Zarkman says:

    She is pemitted to have a jury trial. There is no jury that would convict her.

  123. MaxwellEdison says:

    That was pretty awesome of Yoko Ono take a stand against the TSA gropers like this. I say that makes us pretty much even for what she did to the Beatles.

  124. tymwltl says:

    There was a time in this country when we could trust one another. Now thanks to our no profiling PC fiirst just let anyone in and don’t make them become constituion literate we can’t trust each other’s motives, because there are so many America haters amoungst us. Archy Bunker said it best.” Give everyone that gets on a plane a gun. ” His message was simplistic but true to the point! The goverment is the last entity I’ll ever trust for my security. (except for the military)

  125. gjjemhunter says:

    TSA, DHS, ATF and a bazillion more unhelpful and money sucking departments could be dissolved and help to pay down the National Debt. The President seems to have no plan to stop the madness, so I would get a passport and think about moving to a free country.

  126. j.v. says:

    Finally, an American fights back! Where do we sign up to be on her jury?

  127. Beenthere says:

    Anyone that thinks that an Officer gets some kind of thill from frisking is more than delusional..
    I have done thousands and beleive me, it’s more along the lines of a plumber clearing a clogged toilet. You do it because it is your job and to feed your family..
    Putting your hands on and Officer doing a frisk is an excellent way to end up in jail’

    1. IraqVet says:

      Then let’s start filling the jails…As for all your frisking, clearly you never objected…The Germans and the Soviets never protested because it was always someone else getting arrested and sent away. So your price of freedom is a loaf of bread?

    2. Christie Lynn Edds Cali says:

      If a LEO walked up to someone on the street and for no other reason than they were standing there did a frisk of the kind that these TSA officers are doing they would be in jail for assault and illegal search.

      These guys TSA agents have set themselves far above even the highest law of the land. If you think we should sit quietly whilst they assault our children with no cause whatsoever then you are part of the problem.

      1. Alan says:

        The Constitution? Apparently no one is taught that in school anymore, or at least they have all forgotten what it means and how much blood was shed defending it.

    3. Liberytfirst says:

      It does not matter if it is your job if what you are doing is wrong. Since when has it been acceptable to do something solely because you need to put food on the table. If it is child abuse or assault to touch a child or person when you are not in an airport it does not suddenly become OK to touch them in the same place in the name of your job. Unfortunately there are many instances where it has been shown TSA workers think what they are doing is funny and they get a kick out of what they do. Guaranteed some are there solely because they can touch whomever they like in any place they like. That may not be you, but some of your co-workers are there solely for that purpose.

    4. Solid Citizen says:

      A lot of Nazis were “just doing their job”, too. It didn’t help them at Nuremburg.

      AS a federal employee, you should have better knowledge of theUnited States Constituton

      Air travel is a common form of transportation American citizens should not have to forfeit their fourth amendment rights to travel. Someone tol me that TSA really stands for “Total Sexual Assault”. The Israelis are much more effective about security than the” Thousands Standing Around” crowd

      Quo warranto, B.O.? ( or is it “Quo warranto, B.S”.?)

  128. Freedom says:

    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  129. JOMOMMA says:


  130. Bing says:

    I hope they catch the TSA agent that assaulted her.

  131. Thaddeus S. Kaczor Jr. says:

    WHen the government does it to us, it’s ‘Security’. When we try to do it back, it’s a ‘felony’. Something is seriously wrong in America.
    Join this page and show your disgust for the ‘overreaching hands’ of the TSA!

  132. IraqVet says:

    She’s my hero…she’s a whole lot braver than those cowards that allow the TSSA to grope and gawk at their wives and children without a word of protest…consoling themselves with the notion that letting children be molested and the elderly be humiliated is a small price to pay for their illusion of safety.

    Home of the free because of the brave…my butt. Collectively, you have squandered the sacrifices made in your name.

  133. kerry says:

    Show me anywhere in history where Marxist Dictators have kept anyone safe .

  134. Joe says:

    Really, (and I’m gonna be a little bit racist and probably a little bit un-politically correct here) but have you people who are sticking up for the TSA actually looked at most of them, to me, they mostly look like bottom feeders that would probably really struggle to find a job with anyone but the government, they really aren’t the best and brightest we have yet they are the first line of defense? we’d be much better of with everyone able to carry baseball bats on board (can’t really use it to take down a plane, but you sure can stop the guy trying to) all they do is provide a false sense of security that something is being done, when, in fact all they do is cost the country millions of dollars in wasted time and senseless fines to people who question their authority.

  135. zombierocket says:


  136. Rob says:

    TSA — when they are not feeling your private parts in public, they are auctioning off your belongings on ebay.

  137. Mitchell says:

    I would like to encourage everyone reading these comments to write a letter to your Senator and House Rep. and voice your frustration concerning the TSA’s unconstitutional infringements on our rights. We’re not going to accomplish anything griping in comments–we must take a more direct approach! I’ve already written my own letter, and I’m fixing to send it shortly.

    P.S.: The Tennessee judge that betrayed the American People deserves a wake-up letter as well.

  138. Willis says:

    It’s pathetic that the comments have fewer grammatical errors than the article.

  139. Bobby says:

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” _ Benjamin Franklin

  140. tacitusdominatus says:

    Show me a man or women who in the name of national-security will put their hands down a child’s pants today and I’ll show you a man or women who in the name of national-security will put a gun to their head tomorrow.

    Americans are no less immune to hysteria driven crimes against humanity than any other nation. If we want to pass on to our children that which we older Americans once enjoyed then we better recognize that the fight for freedom is a generational fight. In other words, we can’t rest on the successes of our fathers but must take up the fight where they left off!

    Brian Kilcullen

  141. tacitusdominatus says:

    Show me a man or women who in the name of national-security will put their hands down a child’s pants today and I’ll show you a man or women who in the name of national-security will put a gun to their heads tomorrow.

    Americans are no less immune to hysteria driven crimes against humanity than any other nation. If we want to pass on to our children that which we older Americans once enjoyed then we better recognize that the fight for freedom is a generational fight. In other words, we can’t rest on the successes of our fathers but must take up the fight where they left off!

    Brian Kilcullen

  142. Afterburner says:

    What goes around comes around Totally Stupid Agency. This is only the beginning, more to come.

  143. Mike says:

    Donate $$$ for her defense as well as to the opponent to the idiot DA who dares to no dismiss this.

  144. Rick N Marilyn Winters says:

    How is it a felony sexual assault when this woman gropes back one time and TSA does the same thing several thousand times daily and gets a free pass. Sexual assualt is sexual assualt regardless of who perpetrates it.

  145. clark says:

    “I don’t think you should be able to put your hands on anybody, especially somebody who is trying to perform security,” well that doesnt make any sense mike garcia. their form of security is putting their hands on anybody and everybody

  146. A.W. says:

    this comment thing is rigged
    every time I try to post a answer on topic I get a duplicate post notice when I havent ever posted a comment here before

  147. Tony Tyler says:

    homeland security and the government and local police are now the terrorists.

  148. Tony Tyler says:

    the woman is a hero.. now tsa knows what pervert police state gestapo pervs they are..

  149. Phoenix New Media says:

    TSA couldn’t find enough disabled people or children to molest? Good for Ms. Mulhimae! Can the TSA agent spell Jury Nullification? No way she’ll be convicted

  150. Stephen V. Dash says:

    Lack of Common Sense. Yukari Mihamae represents what should be done. My Spell Check doesn’t recognize the language I prefer. I’ll settle on “Stupid Flowering TSA” to make my point.


  151. Robert Doig says:

    So now the TSA is in an argument with the TTA (Tit Twisters Assoc)

  152. JEFF GORDON says:

    The TSA molest people every day and when a heroic woman does it right back to them she’s arrested ??? She should get a congressional medal of honor and Dinner with our next President.

  153. John Breland says:

    Two suggestions for TSA: (1) It would be helpful to prominently post the number for the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800-656-HELP) in the gate areas of all airports you service. Passengers will be grateful not to have to look it up so often for themselves. And (2), When you hire a new employee, go ahead and enter his or her data into the National Sex Offender Registry. It’s much more efficient that way.

  154. Harley2002 says:

    The only thing that will stop the TSA from groping us is when we in large numbers refuse or grope back, We need to get organized and if 50% of each plane load refuses it would overwhelm the system Divide and conquer is what they are doing to us right now. Remember these gropers are just 50 IQ affirmative action losers.

  155. maria says:

    Obama is always talking about how he envisions a “high speed rail system”, you know, a very expensive high speed rail system built by Obama’s Union cronies.
    I believe the TSA thugs patting down diapers of infants AND the elderly is a tool being used to cripple the flight industry into bankrupcy thus proving the high speed rail a necessary.
    Every move made by Liberals is a stepping stone designed to lead to the ultimate goal. Either these people are extremely stupid OR they are cunning, deceptive and calculating. Considering that every good Liberal/Democrat politician has an Ivy League education, I vote for the latter excuse.
    Sure they have to lie, deceive and misrepresent their agenda, but they are doing all of this to protect you from yourself, after all THEY know what’s better for you than YOU do!

  156. joel says:

    TSA…it is time to go

  157. R.C.Delahanty says:

    As a European I am shocked at the compliance of these so called Free Americans!
    Where is your constitution now to help you with the army of TSA and DHS and
    all these other rogue government storm troopers. Sadly, the American public is being fed the line that it is all for you own good and stay quiet and we will take care of you! This is what happened to the population in Stasi run East Germany and finally the people stood up and as Ronald Reagan said ” Mr Gorbachov , tear down that wall” Where are the freedom loving so called Republican Tea party people on the issue of government intrusion in the lives of ordinary American when it comes to the perverts and storm troopers at the TSA and DHS?? Americans are people who love FREEDOM and that has been taken away from you by your GOVERNMENT.

  158. Henry Thoreau says:

    Can I ask a slightly more serious question here. Do they molest you at airports in Communist China or Russia? Can anyone tell me if they rub on little kids crotches and grope women’s breasts over there?

    We have 20 million illegals and islamic terrorists crawling around this Country with their own CAIR PAC in Congress. How is this helping? The last terrorist was stopped by a flying Dutchman in coach class. How can he figure this out by these child molesters can’t?

  159. Justin says:

    deport her we have enough 3rd worlders here anyway. and i hope that tsp agent goes to the facebook bake and likes it herself. who cares whats on fb anyway

  160. Cathy says:

    TSA and the woman in this case? Pot, meet Kettle.

  161. fed up says:

    What sort of person takes a job where they are required to sexually abuse innocent people? The TSA must be completely staffed by perverts.

  162. Doug says:

    Put me on her jury.

  163. F says:

    ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’ Benjamin Franklin, ‘Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor,’ November 11, 1755.”

  164. L says:

    ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’ Benjamin Franklin, ‘Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor,’ November 11, 1755.”

  165. Lite O'Day says:

    The TSA in Phoenix is one of the worst in the US. They are known fo terrrible treatment of passengers, rude,and abusive.

  166. LTCB says:

    The NAZI’s claimed to just be “following orders” too. Fat lot of good that did them at Nurenberg. The trials of TSA “agents” should begin immediately. Especially of the DHS and that leadership cadre that brought this all about. The D’s and R’s that support this unConstitutional search and seizure process should all be tried for treason. THey’ve all violated their oaths of office.

  167. Brad says:

    If she is found guilty,from a legal point of view,the TSA has just sh-t in their own boots.Whats good for the goose,is good for the goose steppers.

  168. Sara says:

    Americans subjected to routine groping while the government FAILS to control our southern border.
    Oh the hypocrisy of it all!

  169. John Blake says:

    “charged with felony sexual abuse”???? THAT IS ABSURD !!!

    NO future jury will convict this woman…absurd charges !!

    TSA needs to drop it, get over it, and move on !!

  170. Eagle says:

    Internet tough guys! None of you would have the guts to say this stuff to someone’s face.

  171. John Ford says:

    I wouldn’t mind being groped by a cute little blonde TSA agent. If she did a good job, I might tip her an extra $20…….lol

  172. AKinCO says:

    sooo…. if our GOVERNMENT AGENTS do precisely what this CITIZEN did, they get a paycheck but if the CITIZEN does it, it’s suddenly sexual assault? um….still think the Tea Party folks are paranoid?

  173. Tonymo says:

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of Obama, the world’s newest Marxist Dictatorship! How did it happen so quickly?

  174. Jack P says:

    I’m OK with gently grabbing, but twisting is not my style.

  175. Frog Prince says:

    TSA Agents sexually assault and grope and molest children every day.maybe they should all be arrested?

  176. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Our servants have no right to legislate our rights away.

  177. James says:

    Only 12% of the nation actively participated in the war of independence. The rest stood idly bye or supported their masters (Government rule) we have the numbers. We have just cause.

    It is time

  178. d f s says:

    The TSA “females” have been GRABBING since DAY ONE in 2001!! Its gotten better but its now back to the “get em” phase again!
    Bring on racial profiling!
    Young, tall, blond and bionic ….

  179. WhatWereYouThinking! says:

    Yankee Doodle Retrocon said “…Let all licensed concealed carry permit holders carry when they travel”.

    Unfortunately, you can not control human nature. If only ALL of the CCP holders did not drink, use drugs, have bad days, or have bad tempers your idea might work.

    But you are on the right track. Just replace them with a minimum of three US Marshals per flight. The cost would still be less than TSA wages and equipment annually!

  180. Sliver Earrings says:

    Thank you for the good writeup. It if truth be told was a entertainment account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we be in contact?

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