DENVER (CBS4) – Passengers of Frontier Airlines are continuing to feel the effects of a severe hail storm last week.

Several days later the airline is still canceling dozens of flights. Get the complete list of flights through Tuesday at

A total of 18 planes in Frontier’s fleet were taken out of service because of the damage from the July 13 storm at Denver International Airport. Thirteen of those planes are still being repaired.

The airline is working on reschedule flights as they work to repair planes.

Other airlines also had planes that were damaged, but Frontier was the most severely affected.

Frontier is asking customers to check the airline’s website to see if their flights may have been canceled. It has also been sending out emails to passengers with updated information if they provided an address when they booked their flight.

Officials with Frontier said on Friday they were waiving all change fees for passengers until the airline gets back up to speed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Wednesday’s Hail Storm

Comments (4)
  1. Missy Hower says:

    Waving all change fees? Really? Maybe waiving…

  2. unhappy customer says:


  3. Joe says:

    Hail happens where ever it may but past decisions made by Frontier management have made a difficult situation far worse. Some years years ago Frontier chose to modernize it’s fleet and chose the Airbus. On paper they looked better than the Boeings they beat out but even then it was well known that Airbuses have a low tolerance for hail. Hail happens in Denver. It is nothing new. More recently Frontier closed it’s maintenance hangar in Denver. This valuable asset, with over 100 skilled mechanics in it would be very valuable right now.

  4. Pam says:

    We stood in line for three hours to get re-booked for a flight tomorrow. Frontier is NOT paying for our hotel tonight – we got a coupon for about thirty percent off our room. Delta and United passengers were checking in at the same time with food and room vouchers. Frontier has lost our business for good because of poor customer relations.

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