Victim Remembered For Being Full Of Love

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A teenager who was pulled out of a fast-moving creek in Aurora has died.

Abraham Vazquez was playing in Sand Creek at 10th and Potomac near the Fitzsimons complex when he was washed away Thursday night. The creek was running high after all the recent rain.

Vazquez and his 13-year-old and 9-year-old sisters were playing near their house under the bridge by the creek. One sister apparently jumped over a small embankment and then Vazquez tried to do the same, but he fell in and was swept about 100 yards downstream.

His mother jumped in the water to try to get and him. Firefighters ordered her to get out, worried she could also be washed away.

Emergency crews were able to get Vazquez out of the creek and he was taken to the hospital but died some time later.

Family friends are remembering Vazquez as being a happy and mischievous, and someone who was full of love.

“He was a little boy who loved God with all his heart. He grew up in church and that’s the strength we have — that Abraham is in a better place now,” Letecia Lopez said.

Friends say Vazquez’s mother repeatedly warned her children not to play in the creek. They said the death is a tragic lesson.

  1. ella kunadi says:

    My heartfelt sadness goes out to this family. I said a prayer for this boy and for his family.

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