DENVER (CBS4) – Tens of thousands of people filled Civic Center Park for Independence Eve. One CBS4 viewer wanted to know more about the talent behind the light show. So CBS4’s Jane Monreal caught up with the people from Blazen Illuminations to find out how they create their own kind of Fourth of July magic.

“Sometimes you think more is more, but we also think less is more. So with music like this, it’s not a rock-n-roll show. We really want to make it dramatic.” Nate Webb with Blazen Illuminations said.

During the week leading up to the show, Webb and his team worked in the middle of the night programming lights.

“That’s the only way we can do it, is when people are not around and seeing what we’re doing,” he said.

One of the highlights was during the armed forces salute when each branch of the military had its own light show.

“Trying to pick up all the colors from each branch. The green and gold for the Army, the red and gold for Marines … the Air Force blue and white, the Navy blue and gold … and Coast Guard red and white. So that to me, ‘Thank you guys so much;’ for the work that they do, protecting us, serving our country.”

Webb said rehearsing to the music comes naturally.

“All the experience from touring and doing musical acts for years and years just plays out where we understand the music. We can just follow and feel that,” he said. “There is just a lot of dramatic, dynamic difference within the music. You just have the highs and the lows, and it just ends on such a high note. To bring that with the emotion is just awesome.”

Link: Independence Eve Section


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