LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)- The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching for a motive into why someone would place explosives inside a Borders Book Store in Lakewood. The devices were discovered early Saturday morning at the Colorado Mills Mall.

An FBI lab in Quanitco, Virginia is examining the devices found at the store.

More than $1 million in debt, the once popular book store chain is closing 200 of its stores, including six in Colorado.

University of Denver finance professor Mac Clouse said the closure has left a lot of unhappy people.

“There are probably a lot of employees who have been there a long time that just don’t understand why this had to happen. And they feel the consequences when they’re laid off. There also may be disgruntled, loyal customers,” said Clouse.

The two devices, described as small and crude, did only minor damage, visible in the missing ceiling tiles and a segment of carpet that is missing. A door remains boarded up after the glass was shattered to gain entry.

Outside, another piece of evidence was found, but the FBI said it is not an explosive device.

Video cameras captured the incident inside, however the outside camera was not as clear.

Authorities are trying to enhance the video, in hopes of distributing a picture of the suspect.


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