VAIL, Colo. (AP) — An invitation-only retreat for rich conservatives and prominent Republican politicians are gathering near Vail Sunday for a semiannual retreat aimed at promoting business-friendly policy.

The meetings are organized by two of the nation’s most powerful conservative political donors, Charles and David Koch of the privately held energy giant Koch Industries. The guest list is kept secret, and organizers won’t say exactly where the four-day retreat is being held beyond the Vail area. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has said he’ll be attending this year’s retreat. Previous guests have included South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint and conservative commentators Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Several dozen left-leaning protesters held an opposition rally in nearby Avon. Common Cause Colorado and others argue that business interests have too much influence over politicians.

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Comments (3)
  1. posterchild says:

    Figuring out how many more jobs they can send overseas, so they can buy more yachts and private jets? Or…more likely trying to figure out how to kill Medicare, Dept. of Education, the EPA, DOJ, and of course, how to make President Obama a one-termer when Michele Bachman ends up as their nominee.

    Koch, no Pepsi?

  2. jose says:

    me and maria here illegal. why we no get invite? we want rich people money for ancor baby. we entitled! we no work.. we say tax rich! we have rights to rich people money!
    Hickenlooper and obama say so! hickenlooper wife say just like us! hickenloope rich.. how may illegal live at his house? just work at restaurant he do not own? big joke ! maybe we join union! SEIU! our union! nice acorn lady say it ok we vota! she give us id! i think it illegal we vota..she say it ok if we vota democrat!

  3. kiengag says:

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