NEDERLAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Nederland’s odd and popular Frozen Dead Guy Days festival is up for sale.

The local chamber of commerce says the 10-year-old festival is getting too expensive to operate so it’s hoping to sell the rights to the event so someone else can run it. The chamber also says it needs to concentrate on business development.

PHOTO GALLERY: Frozen Dead Guy Days 2011

The mid-winter winter event features a hearse parade, a polar bear jump into a frozen river and coffin races.

Frozen Dead Guy Days celebrates a corpse — “Grandpa” — that has been packed in dry ice in a shed for nearly 20 years. The dead man’s family hopes technology will be developed to someday bring him back to life.

  1. Gail Rubin says:

    I introduced “The Newly-Dead Game” that tests how well couples know each others’ last wishes at this year’s festival.Will the new owners will want to do it again? We’ll have to wait and see.

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