ASPEN, Colo. (CBS4)- The controversy over whether Lance Armstrong was involved in doping has reached Colorado. Boulder cyclist Tyler Hamilton accused the Tour de France champion of doping, and then ended up face to face with Armstrong in an Aspen restaurant.

Now the attorney for Hamilton is accusing Armstrong of witness intimidation and he’s contacted the FBI. The heated exchange between the two men allegedly happened at Cache Cache. Hamilton’s lawyer said his client came out of the restroom and was stiff armed by Armstrong in the bar.

Hamilton was in Aspen last weekend for an Outside Magazine event when he and Armstrong came face to face.

Hamilton’s attorney claims this is what Armstrong said to his client, “‘We’re going to destroy you on the witness stand. We’re going to make your life a living hell,'” said attorney Chris Manderson. “Tyler very much took it as a threat.”

Hamilton recently came forward and admitted he doped. He also claimed Armstrong also doped.

The owner of the restaurant said the FBI was coming to retrieve surveillance tapes, but said the cameras are in the kitchen and probably won’t show much.

Armstrong was investigated for witness intimidation once before after having harsh words with an Italian racer in the Tour de France. That competitor testified against a doctor Armstrong had used. No action was taken in that case.

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  1. Jim says:

    I am very disappointed in channel 4 reporting this incident the way you have. You fully cover Hamilton’s side of it, but do not mention Armstrong’s side of it. I guess you are following your Networks lead from 60 minutes trash piece.

    1. Michelle says:


      1. Gene says:


  2. Wayne Hays says:

    who cares? both are pampered, egotistical clowns if you think about it.

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