DENVER (CBS4) – The parents of a baby who died over the weekend in South Denver told police disturbing stories about their parenting in the weeks leading up to the boy’s death, according to documents.

Calvin Pitts, 28, and Amanda DeLeon, 21, tentatively face felony child abuse charges in the wake of 3-month-old Sanai’s death on Saturday.

Reports first came in Saturday at about 8 a.m. of a child not breathing at the couple’s apartment on South Federal Boulevard near Yale. The boy died soon afterwards in the hospital.

When the child was examined officials discovered numerous injuries which an expert told them were consistent with what was called “non accidental trauma and serious bodily injury.” The injuries to the boy included a broken right leg, broken left wrist, a burn on the left thigh, a scab on the chin and ear injuries.

Pitts, the baby’s father, told Denver officers the mother had hurt the child’s leg about two weeks ago. He saw the injury, put a towel in the microwave for 2 minutes and then put it on the child, badly burning him.

Pitts also told police that he was smoking a cigarette and it fell, burning the child.

DeLeon told police the baby was on its belly and she had moved him and he let out a cry and she thinks that may have been when the leg was broken. She also said she wet a washcloth with hot water from a faucet and put it on the boy’s left leg. When she removed it some of the baby’s skin came off.

Both Pitts and DeLeon have been in trouble with the law before. They have been arrested for drug, robbery and assault charges.

Comments (13)
  1. john johnson says:

    what terrible people. horrible bad people.

    1. Eagle says:

      Never would have thunk I would find this so indsipensalbe.

  2. Summer says:

    typical trash!! I wonder how many other babies this disgusting piece of flesh has had.

  3. Al Sharpton says:

    There go they welfare check and food stamps!

  4. Tara Grimm says:

    They deserve to have every injury and attack they subjected that poor baby to visited upon themselves. “drop” some cigarettes on them, burn the skin off them with boiling water, break their legs. Then sterilize them with rusted spoons.

    How terrible that for that child’s entire short life he knew only pain and fear? That this happens over and over again is unacceptable. The penalties for child abuse must be stronger- more money must be allotted to child protective services, and neighbors must CALL and report these things. The neighbors heard him crying all night? Why did they never call the police? Good for you, not intruding or getting involved. Glad that worked out for you. Didn’t turn out too well for that poor baby though did it?

  5. Sonya Mcclelland says:

    I know calvin personally he was a short temped man, I was shocked when i seen him on the new for the death of his baby It’s a sad situtation that lil sanai had go thru that abuse in his short time on earth and justice will be served. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and i would never but my kids in harms way, R.I.P baby Sanai your in a better place now a lil angel in the sky…

    1. Elyza says:

      Going to put this arctile to good use now.

  6. Bruce says:

    One look at this couple’s picture tells everything we need to know is wrong here.

  7. susan says:

    makes me sick!!! I hope that they receive the exact same treatment in prison.. actually prison is way to easy for people like this… they deserve to be tortured and put to death… just as they did to their baby. too many of these stories out there. Babies are precious… the safest place for them should be in their parents’ arms. Rest in Peace Sweet Baby… in the arms of Jesus

    1. Lemon Zesty says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m from Texas and I most certainly support the death penalty. In my opinion it is not used often enough when we have people like this walking the earth.

  8. Cindy says:

    I think it should be every hospital’s responsibility to quickly evaluate the mental stabiliy of the parents before allowing the child to leave that hospital. It wouldn’t take long–especially when you have so-called people like this. They would have failed a 5 question basic chilcare questionnaire. How many babies have to die because they were sent home with idiots?

  9. Juliet says:

    3 months old???? How do you cause this much injury to a newborn? Breaking a leg at 3 months old? Poor little baby never had a chance….

  10. Lemon Zesty says:

    Why in the Hell are they not facing felony assault, battery, injury to a child, death to a child, felony murder, and neglect charges? Are the officials that damn lazy that they cannot take the extra time to charge them properly and make sure that they can never do this again? These people admit to torturing this child. If they had done this to a child from another country people would be screaming about the geneva convention and that these people should spend their lives in prison.

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