DENVER (CBS4) – A man and a woman are in custody after the death of their 3-month-old.

Police responded to a report on a baby not breathing at an apartment on South Federal Boulevard near Yale Saturday around 8 a.m.

“That child was transported to Swedish Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead,” Matt Murray with Denver police said.

Police spent Saturday combing the apartment for evidence.

“The parents were arrested for felony child abuse because we were able to determine through several means that there were numerous injuries to the child and in different stages over a period of time,” Murray said.

Amanda DeLeon (credit: Denver Police Department)

Calvin Pitts (credit: Denver Police Department)

Calvin Pitts, 28, and Amanda DeLeon, 21, face felony child abuse charges, not child abuse resulting in death. That could change though once the coroner decides a cause of death. An autopsy was performed on Monday but the results were inconclusive. The coroner now has to do more tests.

CBS4 went to the apartment complex to see if there were any other family members home, but no one answered the door. Neighbors say that the young couple mostly kept to themselves.

“I wouldn’t have expected (anything) like that out of of them because the lady was real friendly. She always said ‘hi,'” neighbor Dorothy Jackson said.

“For this to happen is a complete shock,” neighbor Jennifer Jones said.

Jones lives in the same complex and said from the outside they seemed like fit parents.

“From what I saw, they were quiet,” Jones said. “They seemed like a good couple, loving parents. I’ve always seen the mother with the child.”

But Jones also said she could hear the child crying every night for long periods of time.

“I really cannot wrap my brain around harming your own child,” Jones said.

Both Pitts and DeLeon have been in trouble with the law before. They have been arrested for drug, robbery and assault charges. They are both being held on $50,000 bond

Comments (2)
  1. Al Sharpton says:

    There goes they welfare check.

  2. Randy Runyan says:

    Worthless. Drugs and welfare. Unfit to be in society. They need to be punished to the full extent of the law. I am sure some liberal somewhere thinks we need to rehabiliate them… Maybe we can give them money for welfare and then pay to have them rehab’d so they can do it again. Losers. So sad. Obama will save them.

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