DENVER (CBS4) – There are some big names helping mayor-elect Michael Hancock with his transition. Hancock named 10 co-chairs to the panel on Friday.

Among those appointed are former Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien; former state treasurer Cary Kennedy; Walter Isenberg, who is the president of Sage Hospitality; attorney Cole Finegan; and Theresa Pena, who was the former president of Denver Public Schools.

Also on the team are Dawn Bookhardt; Pat Hamill; Anna Jo Haynes; Daniel Ritchie; and Ruben Valdez. They will recruit for his cabinet and help launch his 100 Day Initiatives.

Comments (3)
  1. Earl Hickey says:

    Will they madam from the “players club” get a job?

  2. Reverend Al says:

    A black Dem Mayor.. Anyone familiar with Kwame Kilpatrick?
    We`re on the way to becoming another Detroit..sanctuary for illegals,a mayor involved in a sex scandal.. Webb and Pena were crooks.. just wait until this guy is in office.

  3. Damnskippy says:

    Whatever the color a liberal democrat will ruin your city. And why us no one talking about how the Denver Post knowingly suppressed the story during the race? No way they would have done that for a conservative. They lost all remaining credibilty they had remaining.

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