DENVER (AP) – Parents and care providers are trying to block proposed deep cuts in state spending for developmentally disabled and autistic clients.

Colorado lawmakers cut $8 million for the group beginning July 1.

Lawmakers say the cuts were needed to reverse fast-growing spending for behavior therapy, day programs, dental care and other services.

Opponents tell the Denver Post the cuts will end up costing the state more money through increases in emergency-room visits, hospitalizations and other social costs.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

  1. Cheryl Brungardt says:

    Smart move legislators, cut from those with little or no voice. Isn’t it enough that these people and their families have it hard enough without cutting basic services funds? As the parents age or die, who is going to care for them? That is why group homes formed vs being put away in large facilities like human cattle. You can bet if they could vote like seniors and boomers, the cuts would have come from somewhere else…What kind of society are we that balances the backs on the poor and differently-abled. I am so embarrassed by this vote, I say toss them all out and start over!

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