DENVER (CBS4) – Two young children who were passengers in an SUV that was driven recklessly by a woman who was possibly drunk were recovering in the hospital Thursday night following a series of crashes.

Police said the woman driving the car, identified as Mary Torres, 27, of Denver, was not a parent of either child, and the series of events ended with the SUV crashed into a north Denver home.

mary josephine torres from dpd Woman Smashes SUV With Children Inside Into Denver Home

Mary Josephine Torres (credit: Denver Police Department)

It started at about 7 p.m. at a Safeway grocery store at 38th and Wadsworth in Wheat Ridge. Two adults walked out of the SUV, went into the store and police said Torres then took off.

The SUV was then involved in a hit-and-run accident at 38th and Fenton. Minutes later the SUV smashed through the wall of the home, located at 38th and Valejo.

The homeowner was in the home at the time of the crash but was not hurt.

While some neighbors called 911 others were involved in getting the children out of the SUV safely before emergency crews arrived. The children were a boy and a girl, ages 3 and 4.

Police said Torres started walking off but was arrested nearby. It’s not clear if she was injured in the crashes.

“She was crying and talking real loud and I couldn’t really make out what she was saying, and she was kind of slurring,” witness Scott Herrera said.

“Some neighbors on the corner here kept her from taking off from the scene,” witness Patricia Ulibarri said.

Torres has been arrested three times before for drunk driving and her rap sheet also includes drugs, forgery and assault. There were also several outstanding warrants for her from multiple jurisdictions.

Torres remains at Denver Health Medical Center with a police officer posted outside her door.

picture 2 Woman Smashes SUV With Children Inside Into Denver Home

(credit: CBS)

Comments (4)
  1. Hilary says:

    I wonder if the couple who left the kids in the SUV at the grocery store will be charged with neglect/abuse. You cannot leave your kids in the car anymore-despite how “quick” your errand is. It’s not safe!

  2. bkindle says:

    If you read the article, it sounds as if the woman was already with them. It doesn’t say the kids were in the car alone.

  3. jay hull says:

    Gotta give her credit 2 vacant lots and she hits the house.

  4. Number 6 says:

    Torres is just another Hispanic loser with a long criminal record.

    9 News had an interview with the Mom who wouldn’t show her face to the camera; but based on the tattoo on her back, the flame red hair contrasting with her black hair, and the consistent use of the crutch phrase “You know,” Mom looked like a white trailer trash loser.

    Besides what parent in their right mind would entrust their kids to a stranger they just met at a party?

    The kids are the ones got the short end of the stick in this deal with idiots for parents.

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