LAPORTE, Colo. (CBS4)- An emergency meeting was called Wednesday evening for LaPorte residents and those who live along the Cache la Poudre River in Larimer County. They were told to have a plan in place for possible evacuations due to flooding, and to be prepared to protect their homes.

Hundreds of people packed a room at the Cache la Poudre Elementary School in LaPorte for the meeting.

‘”The potential for flooding is there. What actually happens and how it comes out, I don’t know,” said Poudre River Commissioner George Varra.

For those wanting to protect their homes, Larimer County will provide sand, but residents will need to purchase their own sandbags.

County emergency management officials said they will use the reverse 911 notification system to alert residents of an evacuation due to flooding.

People who live along the Cache la Poudre River are encouraged to have a “go bag” ready, which includes any important papers, some cash or credit cards, medication, and materials to stay away from home for several days, including toiletries and extra clothing.

“I hope, first of all, that you have your go kit ready for important papers, contact lense solutions, medications, and anything that you want to pack in your suitcase,” said Larimer County Emergency Manager Erik Nilson.

Families are also encouraged to have a meeting place where everyone can gather.

This weekend could cause rushing water because of the warmer temperatures, and another peak could come later this month, possibly around June 20. But it all depends on the weather.

“If it doesn’t rain that’s good. But if we get melting snow and a heck of a lot of rain coming down as well, it’s a while different situation,” said Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith. “The most power you’ve got it working together. Coming here, getting the information, and helping to take care of each other.”

Residents are encouraged to register their cell phones with the Larimer County Emergency Management Telephone Association in order to receive the latest updates and evacuation orders. They can register online at

At greatest risk for flooding are the Cache la Poudre River, Big Thompson River and Clear Creek.


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