DENVER (CBS4) – A pro-medical marijuana attorney is planning to sue the state of Colorado over a measure just weeks away from becoming law.

The challenges include limits on whether convicted drug felons can sell medical marijuana. Attorney Rob Corry is challenging the new rules. He says the attorney general will have to defend the same marijuana laws he’s been fighting.

It’s no secret that Attorney General John Suthers does not like the state law that allows medical marijuana dispensaries to operate. But now, because of what Corry’s doing, there’s a lawsuit Suthers will have to defend. Meanwhile, the new rules for the industry take effect July 1.

“Prices are higher, selection is down,” Corry said..

Corry says a requirement that a new medical marijuana business must grow 70 percent of what it’ll sell is absurd.

“There is no other industry in the world that has to comply with that,” Corry said. “Does the supermarket have to grow 70 percent of its own apples that it puts on the shelves? Certainly not.”

Corry also says it’s wrong to prevent a felony drug offender from being able to work in a dispensary.

“If a convicted felon for any crime has served his sentence, paid his debt to society, then we should let that person rejoin society in every way,” he said.

Corry is also fighting a five patient rule for marijuana caregivers.

“It could be restraint of trade; it’s certainly infringing on human freedom and people’s ability to associate with each other.”

Corry notified the Suthers about his lawsuit, which Corry says forces Suthers to defend what’s he’s been fighting.

“He’s in a tough spot — the attorney general under his own analysis could be looking at a potential federal indictment if he’s involved with this lawsuit.”

CBS4 tried to get a comment from Suthers and heard from his office that it’s not likely to happen. However, in a letter to Corry, the attorney genera”s office writes, “We disagree with your analysis in its entirety, and therefore do not believe there is any room for compromise.”

Corry plans to file his lawsuit within the next two weeks in Boulder District Court.

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  1. Nugg Masters says:

    I;m not big on attornys But I like what this one after! “☮ POT :)”

    1. diane says:

      im a 60 nyr old woman that will say the only thing that is keeping me alive is marajana i have no feeling of hunger and have lost over 140 lbs the drs cant find out what is wrong but the only time i can eat is when i smoke if i can help the cause please contact me at 970 374 2000

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