U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. – A family has made history after becoming the first to graduate four sisters from the Air Force Academy, according to a news release from the Academy.

Twins Alicia and Amanda Robillard graduated on Wednesday. They will soon be 2nd lieutenants. Their older sisters Lauren and Nicole graduated in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

PHOTO GALLERY: Images From Graduation On Wednesday

“As anyone who attended the academy can attest to, there is just that language and shared experience that all grads have in common, and being able to share that with all my sisters has really kept our bond strong,” said Lauren Robillard. “I would even venture to say that by having all attended the academy, we are closer than we otherwise would have been.”

The sisters said they didn’t consider it a decision to simply following their older sister’s lead. The Bristol, Conn. natives also said it wasn’t something they were pressured into for tradition’s sake.

Lauren is a helicopter pilot stationed at Fairchild AFB and Nicole is an airfield operations officer at Luke AFB, Ariz.

“I didn’t have to show up to a place where I didn’t know anyone like many of my classmates,” Amanda said. “I felt, and still feel today, like the luckiest girl — not only to have had an older sister at the Academy to show me the ropes but also to have a twin sister who was going through the same things I was. Knowing Alicia was experiencing those things through Basic (Cadet Training) and 4-degree year was helpful and a constant motivation for me to do well.”

One thing the older two were adamant about was allowing each sister to experience the Academy in her own way.

The twins agreed that their older sisters not only didn’t spoil the experience for them, they challenged them to make the most of their time at the Academy.


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