BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A former shelter dog that’s missing a foot is now learning to walk on all fours again.

“Brownie” tried on his new custom-made prosthetic paw on Tuesday. He lives with a family of four in Westminster and now he’s on new footing that may take some getting used to.

Everybody dotes on the friendly 3-year-old dog. They’re excited about his future because he’s had a difficult past. Brownie came to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in April from an overcrowded shelter in Kansas. He’s active and playful even though he’s missing his left back foot.

“The sending shelter didn’t know if he maybe lost it due to frostbite or maybe he was born that way; just not sure what happened to him,” Kim Sporrer with the Humane Society said.

Now, for the first time, the German shorthair pointer got the chance to feel what it’s like to walk on all fours. Brownie was fitted for an artificial paw on May 10 — just two days after he was adopted by Giovanni Stabile and his family. Two weeks later, back at the prosthetic clinic Orthopets, Brownie stood level for the first time.

Brownie will need time and practice to adjust. It’s a typical start toward a better future.

“It will help him better with keeping his hips in line,” Stabile said.

“He’s going to be able to run more normally and have a much better quality of life with less chronic pain in the long run,” Dr. Patsy Mich with OrthoPets said.

Orthopets may put a tread taken from bicycle tires on the bottom of the artificial paw. That will help with plans to take Brownie hiking and even mountain climbing.

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  1. Amanda Tollefson Frampus says:

    hello, i am the one who took Brownie to the shelter in Kansas. Brownie was hit by a car shortly after he came to live with us. We spent hundreds of dollars at the vet to keep his leg in splints and casts. unfortunately he kept chewing everything off. his foot ended up being severely lacerated from the bandaging and he slowly chewed his own foot off. that is why he is missing a foot. we tried everything for him before just letting nature take it’s course. we were very heartbroken to give him up, my kids loved him very much. he is such a great dog and i’m so happy that someone adopted him and that he is finally getting care he really needed. the only problem we ever had with him was keeping contained in the yard. he was born to run….

  2. KLN says:


    Why would you post something like that without knowing? That’s how rumors start.

  3. Anne Grimmer says:

    Ahhh! Gods speed Brownie!

  4. Me! says:

    What a great story and a beautiful dog!

  5. Bob says:

    PLease put this video on youtube – CBS’s video server is ridiculously slow, all I get is theri spinning graphic.

  6. Jenny says:

    @Kanani…don’t let the word overcrowded confuse you. Brownie was sent to HSBV on the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’. The sending shelters actually have to meet some pretty strict requirements. You should look it up. It was not a Jeff Fortin type of situation.

  7. Dylan says:

    I volunteer at the shelter in Kansas. I can assure you, we don’t. I remember him running around with my own pup and it took me an hour of watching him run around to realize he was even missing a foot.

    1. Amanda Tollefson Frampus says:

      yes, he is amazing. it never once slowed him down. i can remember clocking him going 28 miles an hour. simply amazing. we really miss him, but we are so glad he has found a home and someone willing to give him help to live a normal doggie life again.

  8. Kanani says:

    I wonder if the shelter inKkansas has anything to do with Jeff Fortin whose been in the news for animal abuse recently?!?!

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