DENVER (CBS4)- Police in Denver arrested a woman they believe was behind the wheel in a deadly wrong-way crash on Interstate 25 on Saturday, May 14. Victoria Barry, 26, was arrested for investigation of vehicular homicide, reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

barry victoria Police Arrest Driver In Suspected Wrong Way Deadly Accident On I 25

Victoria Barry (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Barry is being held for her role in the deadly accident at about 11:43 p.m. Saturday in the northbound lanes of I-25 between Emerson St. and Downing St.

Investigators said Barry was driving a Lexus SUV southbound in the northbound lanes of I-25 when she struck a Nissan traveling north. Barry then struck a Mercury SUV also traveling north on I-25. map4 Police Arrest Driver In Suspected Wrong Way Deadly Accident On I 25

The driver of the Nissan, Lilly Duncan, 31, from Colorado Springs, was killed.

Barry was rushed to the hospital for her injuries suffered in the crash. She was released from the hospital on Friday and arrested.

The district attorney is expected to issue a decision on formal charges early next week.

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  1. Lilly's Family says:

    I find it hard to look into the face of the person who killed my friend. I don’t necessarily care what they charge her with, as long as this event changes her life forever. I hope she realizes the loss and devastation she’s caused to a parentless child and a community of friends and family. I hope this accident wakes her up and teaches her to make choices that she can be proud of. I hope this girl never touches another sip of alcohol in her life, because Lilly was worth that. Lilly was an absolutely incredible person.

    1. Jennifer Vest says:

      This is the most AWESOME comment I have ever seen posted on something like this I could not have put it in better words than that!!! RIP Lilly

    2. SR says:

      I’m sure when Lilly kill a older gental man in 2001 his family felt the same way. R.I.P. Lilly

  2. Roxanne Falco says:

    Lilly Duncan Memorial Fund
    ENT Federal Credit Union

  3. Brian says:

    I really hope they question everybody who was with Vicky while she was drinking. She was told by people at the party that she should not drive and she still did. I hope she gets the maximum penelty. I am tired of hearing her friends make excuses for her actions.

    1. Leah says:

      Brian, were you at the party? do you know Victoria? Do you know what a giving person she is? Do you know she is a Big brother big sisters volunteer, Do you know she started a charity to help orphans in china!
      What she did was inexcusable, but STOP acting like you know this young woman!

      1. Jeff says:

        Helps orphans in China?? and now here in Denver she has created one!

    2. E Frushour says:

      Here is your chance to help Lilly. Contact me please.

    3. SR says:

      Brian did you know Lilly also killed a older man with her car in 2001? This is very sad thing but Vicky is stil a loving person not a monster she is very hurt over every thing! Just as Lilly was when she killed someone.

  4. Celeste lucero says:

    When something like this happens nobody wins. Everyone is efected. I see my family members who were in the 3rd car efected not just with the cuts and scares they will have to deal with this the rest of their life . But having to deal with it daily of how they feel and what they saw. The truth is it is a shame how this happened. If there were people who were at this so called party that could have stoped her. Well they are at fault too. If Denver cops got calls in before that there was a wrong way drunk driver. They too are at fault. Denver sure has these nice signs telling us about events slowing traffic down. Why not wrong way drunk stop fighting over who’s a better person. Let’s show compassion for those who were hurt and how can we make this not happen Again. That’s fine she’s a great person. But my family is too. And I’m sure the other woman was a wonderful woman. So I would think that if Ms. Berry is as giving as u say she is. she would want her friends only wishing those who were efected by this their best. Not going on and on about her.

  5. Leah J says:

    To Lily’s Family, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My best friend, Mary Warren, was killed in Denver last July in a crash almost identical to this one. It’s so scary to think about why this even happened once, let alone twice. My thoughts go out to all of you and Lilly’s daughter especially.

    To (the other) Leah, I understand you’re mourning for your friend in a different way. Maybe she is a caring, loving person and now her life is ruined. However, she still has a LIFE. When she got in that car that night, drunk and drove the WRONG WAY DOWN THE INTERSTATE, she made a decision that in a single moment eradicated all the good things she has ever done. It does not matter that she was not “thinking clearly”. I am waiting to hear what her BAC in this case is. As I initially suspected, the woman who drove the wrong way down I-25 and killed Mary had a BAC that was not only far above the “legal limit” but far beyond reasonable for any person who is not a functioning alcoholic. As it turns out, Betsy Long had been struggling with alcohol issues for years. I’m not implying that your friend was an alcoholic, but I am willing to bet that her BAC at the time was similarly outrageous. For this, I feel no sympathy. The lives your friend’s actions have negatively affected are innumerable. Even if she spends 15 years in prison like Betsy, she will still have years left. The suffering she’ll endure for taking another life will surely be punishment in its own right. Yet, Victoria’s friends and family will never have to wake up every morning to be reminded that they’ll NEVER see her again and they never got a chance to say goodbye. The hurt of that is something you can’t understand until it happens.

  6. Another Mother says:

    The horrifying part is that Lilly was a.ways the designated driver and NEVER drank and drove. She was a single mom who dedicated her life to her daughter and who was like an adopted mom to many people in the community. When you read something like this, you don’t realize how terrifying it is or everyone affected by it. I hope Victoria is put away for a VERY long time. I don’t care one single bit what she did before, there is no excuse for what she did that night. Did you know that Lilly was killed on her mom’s birthday? Whatever penalty she gets is not enough. She took the life of an amazing human being and left a 12 year old girl orphaned at a time in her life when a girl needs her mom the most. I hope Ms. Barry lives a very long life behind bars.
    The worst part, though, is that she and her friends and family will try and justify her actions and make excuses for her, just like her friend Leah did above. Wake up, people! There is NO EXCUSE for drinking and driving.

    1. SR says:

      Wasl Lilly put away for a long time for killing a older man in 2001 with her car?

  7. Tradeal Robinson says:

    i think its great that she did things for orphans , but what has she done to a child who no longer has her mother, she made a choice to drink and drive their for she will suffer with the thought of killing a wonderful person a great mom and great family , their is no excuse for her , and giving i hope so cause no one should ever be the victim of a drunks decision to drive the wrong way on an interstate so please save your pity party for someone who cares. i lost my best friend my love , due to ur friends awesome choices to be 3 times the legal limit to drive , and could barley drive so thank u leah i hope she has learned her lesson, probably not and thats sad .

  8. SR says:

    Does the law have proff Miss Barry was going down the wrong side of the road and insiders say she only had one glass of wine that she wasn’t drunk.

  9. SR says:

    All would be best if those commenting would not presume that Ms. Barry is guilty of either vehicular homicide or drunk driving. Our legal system presumes that a defendant is innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    There are significant problems with the evidence developed by the Denver PD (e.g., Ms. Barry walked several blocks from the party to her car in stiletto heels (not possible if you’re drunk), no indication from officers at the scene that they smelled alcohol on Ms. Barry’s breath, no accident reconstruction by DPD, witnesses’ statements about the direction Ms. Barry was traveling); and the allegations do not correspond to Ms. Barry’s route from the party she attended to her home.

    This is a tragedy for all involved–both Ms. Duncan’s family and Ms. Barry. However, no purpose is served by lynching someone based on false allegations.

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