DENVER (AP) — Prices for senior state parks passes are going up because of budget cuts.

The Colorado State Parks Board voted Thursday to reduce discounts offered to Colorado residents 64 and older.

Under the changes, which go into effect June 30, seniors will receive a smaller discount on the Aspen Leaf annual pass and on camping fees.

The standard Aspen Leaf pass costs $70. Seniors now get a 50 percent discount but after June, they’ll only receive a $10 discount. Under the new fee plan, they’ll get a $3 discount on all camping sites Sunday through Thursday. Lifetime passes will also increase to $300.

The park system has raised fees for all visitors in the last few years to offset the dramatic drop in funding from the legislature.

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Comments (4)
  1. Bobbie Brown says:

    Tell Colorado and Game and fish to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine !!!!
    Most Federal land is camp on.. Why should we always pay more.. that’s right.. unions and retirement we the people have to pay for it all

    1. IBRB2 says:

      Colorado State Parks is in no way related to the Colorado Game and Fish Department. That being said, this still sucks!

      1. BobbieBrown says:

        I know, but both have been raising the rates…$ 30.00 bucks to catch 2 fingerlings

    2. John says:

      Unions don’t have anythging to do with Bobby.
      Why does everybody want to blame unions for everything?
      All the money our crooked politicians waste and steal and you want to blame unions?
      Oh I guess Teachers, cops and fireman should have to work for nothing while politicians and CEO’s play their games.
      Thanks to morons like Bobby the people standing up for workers rights get a bad name.
      I do agree Colorado can stick their fees though,
      They keep raising the boat registrations so we registered all ours in Nebraska.
      That’s where they stay anyway.
      get a clue though and stop blaming unions, they are on your side stupid.

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