PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) — Authorities say 16 people in Pueblo have gone to a decontamination site after complaining of symptoms consistent with hazardous materials exposure.

A possible exposure to chemicals at a state printing shop prompted an hour-long lockdown at Colorado State University there Friday.

The incident happened at the Pueblo Memorial Airport Industrial Park.

Firefighters helped at the hospital with decontamination. Authorities say seven of the eight employees were in good condition and another was in fair condition at the hospital. Others decontaminated because they came into contact with the workers have been released.

The center produces marriage licenses and other state documents.

Pueblo County sheriff’s spokeswoman Lisa Shorter says the sickened people worked at the state Department of Personnel and Administration’s Integrated Document Solutions. County health officials are running tests to determine what made people ill.

CSU-Pueblo health and safety director Jason Turner says the school was put on lockdown as a precaution. Ventilation systems were switched to prevent outside air from being drawn into buildings. Summer classes began earlier this week.

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  1. Sara says:

    lol really? a picture of CSU Pueblo? this place is miles away from where the incident actually occurred.

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