DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police are investigating a string of robberies where all the victims are women. The suspect may be the same man in all of the cases.

In some cases, the suspect would rear end the women’s cars with his own vehicle and then rob them. In another incident on April 25, he attacked a woman walking through a parking lot in Cherry Creek North.

“I want your purse. I have a knife,” is how the attack started, according to the woman who did not want to be identified when talking with CBS4’s Valerie Castro.

She said she was worried because her attacker has not yet been caught.

victim Woman Describes Fighting Attacker In Denver Parking Lot

The victim talks with CBS4's Valerie Castro. (credit: CBS)

She described the knife as “a large steak or small butcher-type knife.” She refused to give the man her purse, fighting back.

“You don’t think about being scared initially, you just want your things. You want your purse, and no one deserves to take your purse.”

The attack happened outside Houston’s restaurant and there is surveillance video of the suspect following her through the parking lot, but the attack happens off screen.

“He caught me off guard because he came right behind me, out of nowhere,” she said.

Despite her efforts, the suspect got away with her purse and that’s when she chased him, hoping to get the license plate number of his car.

“There were no license plates, it was just a black shield of some sort.”

She said the car looked like a black Acura. That’s the same car which has been described in three robberies in the Denver metro area.

“I think because the car was so dark and the windows were tinted and the plates were blacked out, he’s done this many times before,” she said.

And while this victim did not want her identity revealed, she does want to make other women aware of the danger.

“I don’ t want this happened to again, I want it be over and I want him to be caught.”

That woman is now carrying pepper spray and said women need to be alert whenever they might be.

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  1. luke says:

    Just call all the apartment managers at thrashy apartment complexes and ask them if they have a tenant with a car like the one described.

    The other thing would be to look in the poor black areas. Obviously, this guy is not wealthy, he will be in a poor area.

    If you see a black man, walk the other way.

    1. Ivory says:

      It’s amazing that someone like Puke has a voice and fingers. He obviously has neither of them connected to any working brain. Basically there useless to him. By the way my favorite form of bigoted behavior is to lock the car doors when elderly white women approach.

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