DENVER (CBS4)- An interesting strategy game is playing out in Denver’s mayoral race. Michael Hancock has released an ad promising he won’t go negative, even as Chris Romer goes on the attack.

CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd compares the different approaches and how it could impact the outcome of the race in her latest Reality Check report.

Watch her report below.

Watch CBS4′s Mayoral Debate, Saturday At 6 p.m.

Watch an hour-long debate between candidates Michael Hancock and Chris Romer on Saturday, May 21. The debate is a joint production between CBS4 and Colorado Public Television. Political Specialist Shaun Boyd will moderate the debate along with political analyst Eric Sondermann. CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass will also pose questions to the candidates about issues with the Denver Police Department. Shepard Nevel of the Colorado Health Foundation will also take part in the debate.

Comments (4)
  1. CityParkWester says:

    Romer’s attack ad smacks of “do/say anything to get elected.” Aren’t we all disgusted with politicians who lie and distort? We are better than that.

  2. female business owner says:

    stating truth and fact that happen to reflect negatively on a candidate is not “going negative”. Each has strengths and weaknesses and pointing out only the weaknesses does not “negative campaigning” make.

    You don’t have to like Romer or his campaign strategy to vote for him. Simply compare the experience/resumes and the higher qualified candidate is clear. This shoudl be a skills-based interview for Denver’s CEO not about whom has the best interviewing skills… SUBSTANCE OVER FORM PEOPLE!

  3. Sugar says:

    And I was just wnoeidrng about that too!

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