BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The areas that could see the most rain over the next few days are those that are the most worried about flooding — specifically the Fourmile Fire burn area.

The Fourmile burn area saw so much damage during the fire that all they can do right now is prepare for the worst. CBS4’s Stan Bush visited the area during Wednesday’s storms and saw signs of heavy runoff where it’s not normally seen.

“There was thick, brown water coming down,” Bush said.

A lot of the fire crews in the are preparing for potential floods by clearing out ditches and removing any sort of waste material that might be in the way of water as it tries to move down slope.

The fire took out vegetation that was on the hills that usually held the water in. Since it burned away, water is in a virtual freefall on its way down into Boulder Creek, raising flood concerns.

There are a lot of sandbag areas along roads. Many residents are taking as many sandbags and hay bales as the can to fortify their homes.

“I just want to be prepared. I have a trunk ready with things in it and I just go up the hill here if something really occurs,” a resident said.

Boulder County’s Department of Emergency Management has been monitoring the storm since early Wednesday. What they worry about the most is the amount of rain. If they see something like an inch of rain in an hour, it could mean a flash flood. From the time it’s reported to the time it could hit Boulder could be about 40 minutes.

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