ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) – The Boulder district attorney is investigating the death of a dog killed by a police officer.

The officer, Jamie Chester, was responding to a call at a home in Erie. He reportedly felt threatened by the Germen shepherd. The dog’s owner and a neighbor witnessed the shooting. They say the dog didn’t do anything wrong.

“I keep reliving the sound that she made when he shot her and then Ivy, our golden retriever, went and was trying to help her up,” Ava’s owner Brittany Moore said.

“I remember that her tail was wagging as she walked towards the officer,” neighbor Andy feero said.
space Family Upset With Officer Who Shot Their Dog

Moore believes Chester panicked, giving no warning before he fired, killing Ava.

“He saw the dogs and turned around, put his hand on his gun and started backing up and that’s when I said, ‘Ava nein,’ and she turned and he got down and shot her.” Moore said.

Chester is also the owner of two German shepherds.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office will decide if any criminal charges should be filed.

The Erie Police Department is conducting an internal investigation.

Erie police say Chester shot and killed another dog in 2007 when it mauled a little boy.

Ava’s family has put together a Facebook page called Justice For Ava to raise support for their cause.

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  1. Katy says:

    They better start doing something with these gun shooting, trigger happy, police officers. Apparently Police Officers feel threaten everytime the freakin wind blows the wrong direction. My Great grandfather and grandfather are spinning out of control in their graves. Police officers today are giving their piers a very bad and complex name. Criminal charges need to be brought agianst this officer. Also time for new protocol.

    1. Joe Tee says:

      Katy…doesn’t matter what any dope says in his reply to what you wrote, if this moron would have shot my dog for no apparent reason, I’d have shot him…what a dope, well trained, but what a dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mark says:

        Shot a police officer?? One question……who is the dope?

  2. Mark says:

    Katy….give me a break! How would you have felt if your Great-grandfather or grandfather would have gotten attacked when executing your “new protocol’? They have to make a split second decision that is best for their and others safety. If they feel threatened they have the right to shoot. Give me a break!

    1. Doug Raymond says:

      The officer made a split second decision while backing up 25 feet? right. No warning of firing a gun in a neighborhood. No sense to grab a taser gun or pepper spray? Is it policy to kill dogs and not subdue? Listen to the interviews, read the news, the neighborhood knows that dog, the neighbors saw what happened. This officer got scared and felt threatened and now a pet is dead. I find your statement if they feel threatened they have the right to shoot to be very disturbing.

  3. Lyn says:

    I have a dog and i love him dearly but how was the officer supposed to know the dog was trained in German? The owner and a neighbor says that’s what happened but we haven’t heard what the officer said and probably never will. I find their Facebook page inflammatory. Just show him as a puppy and some pictures with the baby. I have pictures like that too but i don’t know what my dog would do in that situation. He may have overreacted but some of you are a bit extreme!

    1. Doug Raymond says:

      He overreacted and now a pet is dead. I wonder what you find inflammatory about pictures of children and puppies. Look around the news you will read the officer said the dog bared her teeth, and lunged. You will also read that witnesses and evidence show that not to be the case.

  4. JM says:

    I have BEEN BITTEN in the line of duty, doing the same job this guy did. I know it’s violating the thin blue line – but this guy needs to be stripped of his immunity and authority over others – when he gets startled – he KILLS THINGS.

    1. Whatev says:

      You are a d-bag. If you are (read were) a cop, you should know better than to:

      A) Make a wildly inflammatory and far reaching condemnation based solely on a media report.

      B) Judge another officer when you were not there.

      I call BS. There is no way you are a cop and if you are/were, then you are a disgraceful piece of chit.

      1. Dennis Dougherty says:

        Mark… take a aspirin. You haven’t researched this story enough to know that your comment is senseless. The “Peace” officer doesn’t belong out on the trail to make “Split Decisions”. Mark, not breaks…. before you pull your “Cap Gun” out and kill a family member…YOU BETTER DAMN KNOW….you right.

  5. Steve Williams says:

    Whatev, JM has the right to tell his story and voice his opinion without being belittled in a public forum. If you yourself are an LEO, you of all people should be aware of the levels of force available to us (yes…I’ve been “on the job” since 1976) short of drawing our duty weapon and employing lethal force. The RO on this call chose to go to the max right out of the gate. This flies in the face of any Use of Force and Employment of Deadly Force SOP’s that I have ever seen. The presence of other parties and the residential area of the shooting makes one question even more the RO’s decision to immediatly deploy his duty weapon and shoot the dog. A thorough and unbiased investigation will hopefully bring justice to all of the parties involved in this tragic incident, and I would remind you that portraying a “he’s a cop – youre a d-bag and piece of chit for having an opinion, let’s close ranks boys” attitude does nothing to help the public’s opinion of the officer involved or the thousands of us out there every day and night trying to do the job right…including you if you are an LEO.

  6. Justice for Ava says:


    We will meet at the Erie Community Center 450 Powers St., Erie, CO, 80516
    and then walk to the Erie Police Department 645 Holbrook Street, Erie, CO, and then back. The entire walk will be approx. 2.6 miles.


  7. Rikki Doxx says:

    I’ve read many stories about cops not only shooting dogs and people in Colorado and then being exonerated by the police department as in line of duty. When was the last cop to be disciplined by the courts over a shooting? When? It’s been over 20 years.

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