THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4)- The woman who was behind the wheel of an SUV when struck a pickup truck, crushing a family of five inside, has been charged in the crash.

Monica Chavez, 34, was charged with five counts of criminally negligent homicide.

monica chavez from thornton SUV Driver Charged In Death Of Family

Monica Chavez (credit: Thornton Police Dept.)

Police in Thornton said Chavez was driving the SUV on Feb. 18 when it crossed over the median at 84th and Grant, went airborne and landed on top of the Stollsteimer’s truck, killing the entire family.

Randy and Crystal Stollsteimer were killed, along with their three boys, Sebastion, 12, Darrian, 7, Cyrus, 7.

stollsteimer family SUV Driver Charged In Death Of Family

The Stollsteimer family (credit: Facebook)

“If everyone in the world could live their lives like Randy and Crystal did with his family and do the things they’ve done and be the people they were, this world would be a better place,” relative Hank Stollsteimer said.

Police said Chavez’s SUV also struck another car and collided into a mattress store. Investigators said the SUV was reported as driving at a high rate of speed before the collisions.

Toxicology reports on Chavez show that she wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
space SUV Driver Charged In Death Of Family

The district attorney’s office hasn’t released information on the negligent homicide charges or why she is being charged.

“Obviously the D.A. had enough evidence to move forward and charge her. All we can ask for is privacy, prayers and justice,” relatives of the Stollsteimers said in a statement.

“Finally the lady was charged and it put a little bit of ease on the family to know that something’s going to happen,” Crystal’s cousin Jessica Johnson said. “She took a wonderful, wonderful family. You know, nothing is going to bring them back, but I know that it’s going to give my grandma a little bit of comfort.”

Chavez turned herself into Thornton police Friday evening and has been released on bond.

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Comments (3)
  1. JoeAnn Falco says:

    I am glad that she got punished for her crime and serves in prison the rest of her life, killing a family of five is devistating and a huge lost that is totally unreplaceable and unforgiving. My thoughts and prayers go out the remaining family. I, also lost four immediate family members in a head on with a semi–vs- my dad’s car on his way from Denver to South Dakota for a fun trip. The semi-driver got no time and got away with 4 murders and this was such a set back to my life and having to face this and live with this forever. I was 15 years old, and still today I am totally troubled and miss my father 46, brother 13, Michelle 11, and my baby sister Melissa 8. My mother passed away just 2 years ago from cancer but she had longed to be with them the day they were killed, now she is at peace with them all. This family is so beautiful and diied so young and so many, I have no mercy for Chavez she is a killer and life in prison with their pictures on her wall, so she can look every day at what she took away.

    1. will says:

      At the most she is looking at about 15 years. I can’t say what a just sentence would be, I don’t know the case. But I do know that alot of people around Denver drive recklessly everyday. I hope Ms. Chavez will be held accountable for her actions if she is guilty, and I hope all those people driving like lead-footed morons will take notice of what can happen when you put selfish needs ahead of other people’s safety.

  2. Rob says:

    What about the case of Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams’ (D-Aurora) fatal car accident???? Seems to be forgotten????

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