DENVER (CBS4)- Sen. Michael Bennet is trying to drum up support for the Dream Act. The Democrat from Colorado talked to students at West High School in Denver on Friday.

Bennet said students shouldn’t be punished if their parents came into the country illegally. The Dream Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students.

“What the Dream Act would do is say if you’re working hard, if you’re learning English, if you’re staying in school, if you’re getting two years of college, if you’re serving in the military for two years, you gain lawful status in this country. You get a green card,” said Bennet.

The Dream Act was shot down in congress last fall. It was reintroduced on Wednesday. Republicans said it will only encourage illegal immigration.

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  1. lonestar says:

    M. Bennett is nothing more than obama’s lacky! He cant think without being told.

  2. honeybee says:

    How much are these senators getting paid, and by whom, for pushing The Dream Act. People should not be rewarded for knowingly or unknowingly, breaking the law. These illegals are taking places in the colleges that should rightfully go to citizens. Fresno State in California, has just notified 600 stdents that they will no longer have a spot at their schools, yet an illegal alien is Student Body President. This is so wrong.

    1. silver says:

      How is that wrong?…that illegal alien student president worked his way up to that level…maybe those 600 students that didn’t get accepted should of tried harder…and the Senators are only doing what is right….just because a student isn’t a citizen doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance for a higher and better education

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