DENVER (AP) — Colorado congressman Doug Lamborn says the least graphic of the Osama bin Laden photos should be made public.

Lamborn said he saw the photos for about 10 minutes Thursday at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. He said some showed bin Laden shot in the head, including some taken immediately after his death in his bedroom.

He said the photos of bin Laden’s head were shown side-by-side with ones of the al-Qaida leader when he was alive, at roughly the same angle.

The Republican from Colorado Springs is one of three Colorado lawmakers eligible to see the photos because of their membership on Congressional intelligence and military committees.

Democratic Sen. Mark Udall doesn’t plan to see them until at least next week. Republican Rep. Mike Coffman doesn’t think there’s any need for him to see them.

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  1. mildmannered says:

    What on earth is the reason to release the photos Whom will that make happy and do we really need to pander to their purient interests?. We elected our representatives, presumably because we trust them, and if they have seen the dead OBL photos, that should be good enough. Enough.

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