Your Cell Phone Is The Latest Tool For Finding The Best Deals

Written by Brooke Wagner
DENVER (CBS4)- Now more than ever, companies are vying for your business. One of the newer ways they’re trying to get it is with text coupons. Companies from Toys R Us to Target are offering mobile services, where they’ll send exclusive deals, product information, and reviews right to your phone.

Todd Ablowitz, a mobile payments industry consultant and founder of Double Diamond Group, says he’s recently seen text offers for free items from Red Box and the Spicy Pickle.

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“They are excited to have you on their list, and they’re going to give you their best offers,” Ablowitz said.

To find text offers, simply search the name of the company in which you’re interested, along with “text coupons.” Or, check out a mobile coupon website, such as

The text coupon idea is expanding quickly.

“Google seems to be working on something where you would actually look at your phone and go, ‘I want to get a gyro nearby. It’ll find you a gyro place, and you can actually pay at the gyro place and use the coupon, all in one fell swoop, by tapping your phone,” Ablowitz said.

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This type of technology – possibly from Google, Apple, and Isis, should be available this year.

“The advantage of mobile is, it’s with you all the time. You don’t have to keep a bunch of coupons in an envelope in your drawer, you don’t have to remember where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do, and you just need your phone.”

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