DENVER (CBS4) – The sole survivor of a hit-and-run accident that killed his entire family wants to make sure his loved ones are never forgotten.

Frank Bingham’s wife Rebecca and two children — ages 2 and 4 — were hit by a drunk driver in 2006.

Bingham and former Mayor John Hickenlooper initially talked about the sculpture. They wanted it to be a piece that would contribute to Denver’s public art program, as well as bring something positive to the site where the tragedy happened.

“We did something at this site to try to transform it and try to reclaim it from a place of darkness to a place of light,” Bingham said.

Many people pass through the Arapahoe and 15th intersection every day unaware that Bingham lost his entire family there after a drunk driver ran through a red light. Rebecca, Garrison and Macie were taken from Bingham right before his eyes.

bingham family Sculpture Honors Mans Family Killed In Hit & Run

The Bingham Family (credit: CBS)

Now stands a 32-foot tall sculpture that catches rays of light at the site. For Bingham and others who knew his family, it brings humble rays of hope and strength.

Mayor Bill Vidal helped to donate the piece in Skyline Park.

“I think I feel a personal connection to Frank. Every time I come back here, that’s what it will remind me of; to understand that life has tragedy in it,” Vidal said. “Yet, it’s incumbent up us to find the strength to really do something positive.”

It will catch most every eye, but what it means to each person who sees it will likely be different. For Bingham it’s the completion of a courageous circle to bring some peace to place that represented unimaginable loss.
space Sculpture Honors Mans Family Killed In Hit & Run

“In my mind it’s a total success,” Bingham said.

The sculpture is called “Connections,” and it was made possible by donations from friends, supporters and businesses.

Lawrence Trujillo ran the red light then drove off. He later confessed to police.

Watch a Web Extra of Frank Bingham dedicating the sculpture in the video clip below:


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