BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- Supporters of a ban on grocery bags in Boulder believe they have a solid movement. New Era Colorado is behind a campaign to ban both plastic and paper bags used at grocery stores and shopping centers.

“The idea of having a disposable item that you use simply to carry groceries or other purchases is an old idea and it’s not right for today’s world,” said New Era Colorado spokesman Tim Nickles. “The time is really right. People are just more and more conscious of the problems.”

“It could serve as a model for other cities,” said New Era Colorado member Carrie Grocery Bag Ban Supporters: Its In The Bag

King Soopers in Boulder refused to comment on the issue. But a smaller grocery store, Alfalfa’s in Boulder, supports the ban. They say their customers already prefer to use reuseable bags.

“We have a goal of being zero waste in our store,” said Alfalfa’s Market spokeswoman Sonja Tuitele. “People in Boulder are already very environmentally minded and very progressive. I think, for the most part, they’ll embrace it.”

Not everyone believes it’s a good idea.

One shopper said, “I don’t think that rules are necessarily the best way for people to change their actions.”

Supporters of the ban expect the change to happen by the end of the summer. Everyone would need to bring their own bags to the store to pack up their groceries.

Comments (4)
  1. MadAsHell says:

    Dumb (rear of donkeys), What about the jobs of the people that manufacture paper bags and plastics… putting more people on the unemployment line?? Just another way to charge more for the same product or service??. How about recycle paper and plastic bags? At your Walmart they are excepting plastic bags for recycle. You don’t change the product — you change how we use it and dispose of it. And if all you ”do gooders’ would get jobs at city dumps , you can stand there all day pulling out the plastics.

  2. tmarie says:

    Why stop there? Ban all paper products, tissue, paper diapers, card board boxes? Why stop at paper bags? Ban it all. Fair being fair. First it was cigerettes, but its ok to legalize mj. Ban all smoking (other than pot) in cars, in homes. If your going to be fair. Ban everything. Ban drinking wate from your own home, other then bottled water. You people make me sick. Biggest hipocrites ever. Boulder sucks. Put a plasticbag over your head and suck air.

  3. Make it logical says:

    Don’t ban them, charge for them. Make them higher quality and make people pay when they forget their bags. That’s exactly what they do in Europe, and people there always remember to bring bags, no one is upset, and if you do forget, you can just buy and extra to keep next time you forget. It will be a motivating way to help people change their habits.

  4. Ryan Hays says:

    Here in Johnstown, Colorado we have started a different type of way to recycle. I own Hays Market a 25,000 sq. ft. independent grocery store. We just introduced a program when the customer brings in their re-useable bag we donate .02 cents to local schools. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but our store uses over a million bags a year. That adds up to $20,000 for the schools. In a time where schools are making huge budget cuts, Hays Market thought we would kill two birds with one stone. Just a thought, if more grocery stores did the same type of program, think how much we could give to our local schools.

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