KIOWA, Colo. (CBS4)- The Elbert County Sheriff’s Department has broken up a stolen bicycle ring.

Deputies have recovered 30 high-end mountain bikes after pulling over a man during a traffic stop. Eventually, investigators would find cash, drugs and bikes being held in storage facilities across the Denver metro area.

“We had a student who showed up and got his. He was up at CU and said that he always locked it and it was on his balcony and the one time that he didn’t lock it they took it right off his balcony. The few victims we’ve talked to just seemed like they were just opportunities,” said Elbert Co. Sheriff Shane Heap.

Heap said two people are in custody and more arrests could follow.

The bikes were stolen from the University of Colorado Boulder campus and the University of Denver campus, as well as Washington Park in Denver and Leadville.

Heap believes the thieves were likely trying to resell the bicycles on Craig’s List and at area pawn shops.

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  1. Darrel Riffle says:

    HANG EM! Thieves seem to think everyone owes THEM a living, because they are poor. But now they will get free food in PRISON

  2. denvervet says:

    Ha Ha, ya got caught! Fry em. Lost 2 bikes in Curtis park in one year, both locked.

  3. foreignpress says:

    Thanls for breaking up the theft ring, but also check the thieves’ immigration status AND THEN DEPORT THEM.

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