DENVER (CBS4)- There’s a big difference in cost when gardeners compare nursery prices, but is there really that much difference in what your money will grow?

“They’re all the same once you put them in the ground and water like hell, they’re all the same,” said amateur gardener R.D.

That philosophy generally matches that of professional landscapers who told CBS4 Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll that the flowers come from the same kind of dirt.

Most plants shipped to Denver nurseries come from the same growers in California and Oregon, which means the price difference often is simply the difference the store charges for the same plants.

“I’ve had very good luck with the brands and the variety they carry,” said Home Depot shopper Ann Carrington.

Landscaper Tom Zingaro with Blue Lotus Designs said another way to save money is to shop for plants in your own yard.

“I would take existing plants that you have and take inventory and there may be a lot of plants you can subdivide,” said Zingaro.

He also suggests having a design plan before heading to the nursery.

“I would not waste money before you have a design, even if it’s drawn on a napkin,” said Zingaro.

Zingaro also suggests no mater where you buy your plants, make sure there are no dead leaves because that suggests they’ve been under watered or neglected.

Link: Blue Lotus Designs

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