DENVER (CBS4) – Investing in a lawn now can save vast amounts of money in both upkeep and water this summer.

Those in the business of gardening suggest getting a soil conditioner to sprinkle on the lawn now to help it grow, and to help condition it to retain more moisture. They can be purchased at any big box store and should cost less than $10 per container.

“It’s a soil conditioner that conditions your lawn over a 6 week period. You have granular and liquid forms that will actually condition your lawn to hold and retain more moisture,” Ryan Weston of Home Depot said.

Other tips are as follows:

— Rake out dead grass before treating a lawn
— Aerate now
— Fertilize now
— Water now

Try to fix the patches in grass rather than putting new sod down. It will save money in supplies and watering and also save time.

Tom Zingaro of Blue Lotus Designs says don’t give up on grass and don’t ignore it this spring. The hot days of summer are the worst time and the most expensive time to try and nurse a lawn back to health.

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