LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – The FBI joint terrorism task force has released the name of a man they say is a suspect in this week’s attempted bombing at Southwest Plaza Mall.

The sheriff’s office on Friday released new photos of Earl Albert Moore, 65, as well as a videotape, He was previously being referred to as a person of interest. CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger searched the Federal Bureau of Prisons and found Moore was released from prison on April 13. It’s not clear why he was in prison. He also goes by the name Earl Albert Buchanan.

Moore is seen in the latest photos and video riding on an RTD bus on the night before the incident. It was a Route 76 bus that was headed north on Wadsworth from the mall at about 8:30 p.m.

Moore is described as a white male, with graying hair, a silver mustache, approximately 200 to 225 pounds, 6 feet to 6-foot-2, bald, blue eyes, with a grey mustache. He was last seen wearing glasses and has multiple tattoos.

sub2 FBI Releases Name Of Southwest Plaza Bomb Suspect

(credit: FBI)

sub1 FBI Releases Name Of Southwest Plaza Bomb Suspect

(credit: FBI)

sub3 FBI Releases Name Of Southwest Plaza Bomb Suspect

(credit: FBI)

Moore is considered armed and dangerous and has an extensive criminal background. Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call 911 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (303) 271-5615.

In previously released images Moore is seen in the Southwest Plaza on Wednesday on the mall’s security videotape shortly before the bomb and two propane tanks were found inside.

Two of the images were captured as he entered through a door marked as Restricted Access. Another photo shows him getting off an escalator in the mall.

Moore appears to be wearing the same clothing in all of the photos released so far and in all the photos he is carrying a large plastic bag. In one of the photos released Friday you can see that the hat he is wearing has the University of South Carolina logo on it and in another you can see a suitcase or a large backpack next to him on the bus.

Members of the Jefferson County Bomb Squad found the propane tanks and the pipe bomb inside the mall after a small fire broke out near the food court at about 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday. They were found in an entryway that is off limits to customers near the Dillard’s department story.
space FBI Releases Name Of Southwest Plaza Bomb Suspect

The mall was evacuated as a precaution and then closed for the rest of the day and several schools nearby were placed on lockouts.

Officials confirmed late Thursday the propane tanks were purchased at a nearby Target store.

The task force, including members of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s offics, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, has been tracking down the many leads they’ve been getting but so far there have been no arrests.

“There’s an urgency to find the individual for obvious reasons and we’re using all available resources that we need in Jefferson County and certainly our federal partners to run down those leads and identify that person of interest in those photographs,” Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink said on Thursday.

Comments (13)
  1. E.D.E. says:

    Please call and get this worthless slime off Denver Metro streets. My children & grand daughter live near Southwest Plaza & I love them. The people of Denver do not deserve this AGAIN.

  2. jojo says:

    An issue often debated by the public is surveillance cameras, and whether they are legally or invasively used by the government in public places, and on private property by private citizens, but in cases like this inicident, there’s not much to debate

  3. Tip says:

    That guy is wearing a university of south caroline hat. Probably recently from there, or has a kid going to school there. The logo is less than a year old meaning he got that hat in the last year.

  4. Tip says:

    From the way his shirt is bulged in the exact same unnatural spot just above the waistband in each pic (and untucked), I am guessing he may also be carrying a gun. I would check the registry of people who have received a conceal/carry permit in the last 12 months who come from south carolina. You’ll probably find that guy on the list.

    1. trailrider says:

      If he was in prison there is NO WAY he could LEGALLY obtain a gun! That violates a number of Federal and state laws! Anyone observing this individual should contact their local law inforcement agency AND the FBI immediately. Do NOT attempt to apprehend him or get in his way!

  5. Sean says:

    If someone is planting bombs do you really think that they would be a responsible citizen and obtain a concealed weapons permit?

  6. HooDatIS? says:


  7. acolo says:

    Why does this report have a LITTLETON byline since Southwest Plaza is NOT in Littleton. It isn’t even in Arapahoe County where Littleton is located.
    You people in the news business made the same mistake when the shootings at Columbine High School happened. It isn’t in Littleton either.

    1. trailrider says:

      Part of that problem is that the Post Office addresses don’t necessarily match up with the geographic location of a LOT of places. For example, the are a bunch of addresses in unincorporated Douglas County that have a Littleton address. Likewise, there are many places that have an Englewoos ZIPcode that are nowhere near Englewood. This is true all over the U.S. Sometimes scares and scars a lot of people when bad news gets out, including reports of wildfires, tornados, etc.

      1. acolo says:

        trailrider —Thanks, I know what you say is true (even the Bronco’s complex has an Englewood malling address). But this is no excuse for people in the news business not to be accurate as to LOCATIONS of events..

    2. jeffco says:

      Acolo — Southwest Plaza AND Columbine are both in Littleton (check the USPS database). Littleton spans 2 counties and we are on the Jefferson County side.

      1. acolo says:

        jeffco — The western border of the City of Littleton is Sheridan Blvd, and it is totally in Arapahoe County. Those areas of unincorporated Jefferson County only have Littleton MAILING addresses.

  8. John H. says:

    Another day another bomb scare.

    #1 I couldn’t tell by the photos released this is the ‘same’ guy.. Everybody posted so far says guilty until proven innocent. Huh? The media is given a photo but not told why he was in prison? Odd.

    #2 What is the point of having surveillance cameras when no one is manning them and someone can bring NOT 1 propane tank but 2? Stupid!

    #3 Homeland Security keeps harping over and over (on their website) that they want their ”viper squads’ and TSA at every mall and street corner turning America into looking more like stasi E. Germany than the ‘home of the free. Who stands to gain from these bomb threats people? If their is a TSA checkpoint in our daily lives the terrorists have won folks.

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