Written by Brian Maass

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Prosecutors have decided to drop criminal charges against an RTD passenger who stabbed another passenger on a bus in Aurora on Thursday night, ruling it was a case of self defense.

“The D.A. declined to file charges,” said Aurora Police Sgt. Cassidee Carlson of the Thursday night incident. She said after police and prosecutors reviewed videotape from a camera on the bus, and witness statements, they decided the stabbing was justifiable self defense.

Police have not released the identities of anyone involved.

The entire incident, which happened at about 7:17 p.m., was videotaped by RTD passenger Dewayne Harris.

“Well I felt like something was going to happen that needed to be captured — I had that feeling,” Harris explained to CBS4.

(credit: Dewayne Harris)

The 44-year-old aspiring filmaker pulled out his camera on the ride home to Aurora on the No. 15 bus after he noticed an apparently inebriated passenger harassing the driver and other bus riders.

“The one guy was filled with alcohol. He was drunk and acting erratic,” said Harris.

When the bus stopped at Colfax and Moline in Aurora, one passenger attempted to eject the unruly rider from the bus. Harris’ videotape shows the apparently drunk passenger slugging the second man at least ten times.

But during the confrontation, the man who was being attacked can be seen stabbing his assailant in the mid-section several times. The stabbing victims staggers away from the bus, covered in blood.

Police initially arrested the man with the knife for second degree assault and held him overnight on $50,000 bond. But Carlson said after evidence was reviewed with the district attorney, the decision was made to let him go without charges.

Harris agrees with the decision.

“The guy was hitting him in the face and he was trying to act in self defense.”

Harris, who operates the website luv4livz.org, says what he witnessed Thursday night should be a lesson to young people on what happens when alcohol and violence intersect.

Harris has a felony record but says his life is now devoted to teaching young people how to stay on the right track and avoid trouble. He says what he taped is a prime example of how young people should not conduct themselves.

“When you use drugs and alcohol it will take your life in directions you don’t want to go. It’s a deadly combination. Drugs, alcohol and violence are combustible and the end result will always be prison or death,” said Harris.

He’s working on a book that he plans to publish on his website. It outlines his involvment with the criminal underworld and how young people can learn from his mistakes.

Harris says what he witnessed Thursday night is a distillation on videotape of the message he is trying to convey: that drugs, alcohol and violence are bad choices to make.

“The result is never good,” says Harris. “This is not the way to go.”

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  1. Nurse Fob Watch from a team that cares says:

    It�s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you�re talking about! Thanks

  2. Art says:

    What is interesting to me is that the Bus Operator was not interviewed for this article as he was the closest witness to the incident and had been engaging the stabbing victim in conversation prior to the incident.

  3. Cherri says:

    well my friend just happened to be one getting attacked by the drunk man….. and it makes me glad that he didn’t get charged because that was pure self defense. and im reliefed that he was able to protect himself and possible other passengers. my friend doesn’t need to be judge for stabbing that man. my friend is an amazing man that wasn’t going to be another victim due to alcohol.

  4. D. Martinez says:

    I completely agree with the gentleman that did the filming. I can only speak for myslef but I know that the only decisions or acts that I have done that I am not proud of in my life were made when I was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I am glad to say that those days are now behind me since I have not used drugs for some time and monitot my alcohol intalke very closely..

  5. Pug says:

    Sorry LONG time.

  6. Helen Dang says:

    I have takeb the 15 many times and have seen this type of activity on occasion. I stopped riding the bus for fear of my safety. It is not just the 15 but the 16 and 0 as well. After viewing the video myself I believe the heavy set man acted appropriately. Security is needed on many routes but I doubt you will see it because of the cost. i hope the large man was not jailed too long and an apology was given but I doubt it.

    1. Pug says:

      Helen, I as well stopped riding the bus almost two years ago because of situations like this. Unfortunately Stupidity and violence often go hand in hand with drunkeness. let us hope the individual that wound up being stabbed spends a ling time in prison for assault after he is released from the hospital.

  7. Boyd says:

    watched the spot on the news last night. They need more security on that route.
    Seems like every loony on Colfax rides that route. A lot more people are going to
    get hurt if something isn’t done to stem this tide

  8. HooDatIS? says:


  9. NOT BRAD says:

    With all the evil companys out there, you complain about RTD and the Denver Post. How about Haliberton, Blackwater, BP or the Federal government. Maybe you should take advantage of the GI Bill and get and education.

  10. NOT BRAD says:

    Wow Brad you sound really stupid. RTD investigates all accidents, including ones resulting in death.

  11. Brad Lutton says:

    Between RTD and the Denver Post, as a military vet, I have to toss a coin as to the worst.

  12. brad lutton says:

    If you are part of the Denver Post, this comment will never see any one else with an idea of what is wrong with this area. You guys pretty much guaranteed that your point of view was the only one printed after the Rocky Mountian News.
    You probably will not even review this because it is away from your views. We need an impartial news paper in this are, not a paper that feeds news to a TV station.

  13. Brad Lutton says:

    Rtd can kill people, take time, and block intersections, but no complaints………..
    I think it has alot to do with politics……..

  14. Brad Lutton says:

    It;s funnt how RTD can block an intersection, kill people, and yet have no investigation in the same 2 years. Makes you think…………..

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