Written by Brian Maass

DENVER, (CBS4)- CBS4 has learned the 34-year-old man dubbed the “Ho Hum Bandit” and suspected in a string of more than a dozen bank robberies across the Western U.S., has identified himself as a native of Ireland to acquaintances in Denver.

“I knew he was Irish,” said Glen Eastwood, the general manager of Fado’s Irish pub in LoDo, where Adam Lynch was a regular in the last six months, stopping by several times a week to have a few beers and watch soccer on the tavern’s television sets.

“Seemed like a standup guy. Kept to himself, didn’t cause problems and the staff got on with him,” said Eastwood, who is also from Ireland.

arrest2 Irish National Arrested As Ho Hum Bandit

(credit: CBS)

Late Monday night, Eastwood and other Fado’s employees said Lynch and a female companion were together at the bar when law enforcement agents moved in and took Lynch into custody.

The FBI suspects Lynch of being the “Ho Hum Bandit,” responsible for bank robberies throughout California, Washington State, Colorado and Wyoming over the last year. The ho hum name was in reference to the thief’s laid back, unassuming manner when he robbed banks. He would typically just hand bank tellers a note but on several occasions, the FBI say the bandit brandished a gun.

“The cops circled the bar,” recounted bartender Greg Downs, who was working Monday night. “They came in kind of quietly,” quickly handcuffing Lynch and taking him away.

Downs said in recent weeks he had made small talk with Lynch.

“Casual conversation. He said he was from San Francisco but came out here with his girlfriend. That was the jist of what I knew,” recalled Downs.

CBS4 has learned Lynch ran a dog walking service in San Francisco with his ex- wife called “SF Four Paws.” On Internet postings, most customers complimented Lynch and his service.

arrest1 Irish National Arrested As Ho Hum Bandit

(credit: CBS)

One customer raved about Lynch,”He gets full marks on knowledge, experience, reliability and integrity.”

Wednesday afternoon, CBS4 found FBI agents moving in on a Denver apartment building where Lynch had been living, just a few blocks from Coors Field and from the pub where he was arrested Monday night. They apparently intended to execute a search warrant in the case.

So far, Lynch is facing just one bank robbery count for the robbery of a Chase Bank at 1705 Sheridan Blvd in Edgewater on March 16. Federal authorities said they are investigating, “A large number of additional bank robberies in 4 states” that may be linked. They say Lynch may face additional charges.

Comments (6)
  1. JW says:

    Hey MIK, Nowhere in this article does it say ANYTHING about his immigration status. But since you just ASSUMED that he is an illegal, I’d say that makes you a dam bigot!

  2. erob says:

    Isn’t robbing banks illegal?

  3. Legal says:

    Yes erob, he is a suspect in series of crimes (illegal acts defined as forbidden by law, unlawful).
    This doesn’t mean that his immigration status is irregular (Illegal immigrant).
    Your smart A$$ comment puts you in the same category as MIK. You are (maybe) two legal residents of the US and dam bigots!

  4. lj says:

    He is legal and has his green card. He is my ex boyfriend, ex fiance actually and lived with him. We went out for four years about 12 years go we broke up. This is blowing my mind!!! I am shocked to no ends. As my dad joked “you could have been bonnie and clyde”….this is horrible and I am so sad to read this but it is also very very surreal at the same time.

    1. KJ says:

      lj is that you…….. this is kj. Remember we used to hang out at Lil’s. You, me and Adam… Allen sent me a clipping of this story. I can’t believe it….. What was he thinking???? I can’t imagine him in jail for the rest of his life. It is so sad…

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