COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – Federal authorities say they’ve broken up a drug ring that smuggled millions of dollars worth of cocaine and methamphetamine into southern Colorado.

The Drug Enforcement Administration led a 14-month investigation that resulted in 26 arrests by federal authorities and 10 arrests by state law enforcement since Thursday. Federal officials say many of those arrested on suspicion of drug distribution are illegal immigrants.

The Gazette of Colorado Springs reports that the investigation was sparked by reports of drug activity at a nightclub in Colorado Springs. Most of the suspects were arrested in the Colorado Springs and Denver area, as well as in Pueblo and cities in California and Nevada.

Authorities say drugs were smuggled in hidden compartments in vehicles and in one instance were packed in a truck’s drive shaft.

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  1. About time says:

    WOW! Many are illegal immigrants.Are you surprised.Is immigration gonna hold them deport them after they served a long prison sentence.It’s about time we get our borders closed and anybody picked up without papers or stopped by the police and can’t prove they are here legally gets held and then deported at once.Way to go keep up the good work/

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