MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – Smart or just lucky — that’s what you might call the operator of a bed an breakfast where a man accused in a deadly crime spree went knocking.

Jefferson County deputies arrested William Lornes, 24, Thursday morning. Investigators say he crashed a stolen car on Highway 285. Shortly after that a deputy spotted Lornes in a cab.

William Lornes (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

That cab picked Lornes up at the Arrowhead Manor, a bed and breakfast in Morrison.

The owner of the bed and breakfast told CBS4 Lornes showed up on the porch looking for help Wednesday night.

In surveillance video provided to CBS4 by the owner the suspect is seen at the door saying he was stranded and in need of a phone.

“I’m stuck out here… I’m just kind of just stuck,” Lornes said into the intercom.

“I’m sorry, unfortunately there’s no one here to receive you right now. Do you want me to call you a cab down to Denver?” the owner said from somewhere in the building through the intercom.

“Yeah,” Lornes said.

After that Lornes is seen on surveillance video waiting outside for the cab to show up.

Jerry Schwartzman (credit: Schwartzman family)

Before Lornes wound up in Morrison police say he killed 71-year-old Denver resident Gerald Schwartzman, threw his body into a dumpster at 12th and Hudson and stole his car.

Authorities say he also kidnapped a security guard from the Cherry Creek Mall and drove off in her car with her in the trunk. She escaped.

Lornes is being held in the Jefferson County Jail and charges are pending. He is scheduled to be in court on Thursday morning.