DENVER (CBS4) – Two New Yorkers are traveling across America in a cab. They passed through Colorado on Tuesday on their way from Manhattan to Los Angeles.

The route they’re following is mapped out at 2,800 miles. They took Interstate 80 from New York all the way to Nebraska. That’s when they got on Interstate 76 and headed towards the Denver area, where they stopped for an oil change.

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From here, they’ll drive on Interstate 70 to Utah and then take Interstate 5 all the way to Los Angeles.

The cross-country trip started as a bit of a challenge. The father of one of the travelers is a former New York City cabbie. He told his son, John Belitsky, no cab driver would ever drive someone that far.

Belitsky and a friend did some searching and finally found their driver at La Guardia Airport. They agreed on a $5,000 fare and started their trip on the same day.

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The driver — Mohammad Kalam — is already noticing some differences between roads in New York and the West.

“This is a long road, wide road. And I said, there are no people, New York is too crowded. A lot of people, a lot of cars. There are no cars here, I think,” said Kalam.

“It was a great idea. We’ve met a lot of fun people, seen a lot of interesting things. I proved my father wrong,” said Belitsky.

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Belitsky is posting details of his journey on Twitter. Follow his twitter feed: