Written by Brian Maass

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- The outgoing superintendent for Adams County District 50, Dr. Roberta Selleck, will get roughly $239,000 in severance, according to a separation agreement she agreed to with the school district and obtained Thursday night by CBS4.

Selleck announced her resignation from the district last night via a letter, read by school board president Vicky Marshall.

With a heavy heart, I must inform the Board of Education that I will be retiring from my position as of June 30, 2011,” wrote Selleck. “During the five years that I faithfully served the district I fulfilled every expectation that the board hired me to accomplish.”

The District 50 board voted unanimously to accept the resignation. But Marshall called it “a loss. She’s done exactly what we hired her to do.”

And board member Kevin Massey said he voted to accept the resignation “regrettably.”

Attempts to reach Selleck at home Thursday night were unsuccessful. Her home voicemail indicated it was full and could not accept any more messages.

While her resignation letter did not cite precisely why she was leaving, Selleck has been on an emergency family leave of absence since April 4. The school district has said Selleck needed to attend to her elderly mother in Arizona.

Under the resignation agreement, Selleck will not return to the district. Pam Swanson will be the acting superintendent.

Selleck oversaw the district — with about 10,000 students in 19 schools — since 2006. She wrote that she was “most proud” of implementing a standards based model of education which has students grouped by achievement, not age.

The separation agreement calls for Selleck to remain on paid leave through June 30, 2011. After that the school district will pay her 13 months salary, or about $212,000.

Additionally, she’ll be paid about $17,000 on July 1 for accrued and unused vacation and cumulative leave, bringing her severance package to at least $239,000.

Selleck has 21 days to decide whether to accept or reject the agreement.

Additional Resources

Read Dr. Selleck’s letter of resignation and the separation agreement.

Comments (17)
  1. Raccoon 26 says:

    I think someone should look at Chartwell. Selleck brought in Chartwell and other people wanted them too. How much money are they wasting. All they want is to make us leave. They want control over Westy High Ladies. They don’t want us to do to do it like we were shown. Their way of cooking isn’t how we were tought.So if you don’t beleive me, just go and look at how they do it their way. They don’t go by the CDE.

  2. Happier Now says:

    I can’t believe another district is going through this like we did in Brush. Lookout other districts who took our “leftovers” and hopefully nothing is going on behind closed doors that their community don’t know about before it’s too late. It takes years to mend what has been tore apart financially and morally. Now we have the worst budget crunch ever and add these problems to it. I’m glad they did a recall and cleaned house on the board. We’re still feeling the effects of all of the problems those people and administrators caused. And we’re still finding hidden things that were done when they were still in. Adams 50 must have some connection to the people that got booted out of our district that were trying to make changes but didn’t succeed.

  3. denvervet says:

    She’ll get her money and knows it………..wanna bet she doesn’t retire and finds another job………this is about money and lots of it.

  4. David Jetton says:

    Evert comment above sounds moronic. Gary, what work did Selleck get for her husband? Concerned WHS parent, the Corvette is theirs, they bought it, not the District. Louisa, Massarotti will bring the district back to the past & has been seen talking to Flachman alot. Why? Bob, Mapleton doesn’t want D50 & Linda, you sound racist. D. Webster, the union are a problem across the country, not just here, & you sound more racist than Linda.Shaundra have you been involved or are you just complaining. Disguted taxpayer, when & if Flachman gets control of the board all this will seem silly & you’ll wish for Selleck to be back. Dan look up conttactual law.

    1. shaundra says:

      Work for her husband– Achitectural contract for Westminster High School
      Massarotti is no saint but right now he is looking pretty good
      Maybe Mapleton would like the New Westminster High School building.
      Maybe people are involved more than you know on here.
      BTW, Flackman is a SAINT, has been in education for many years and knows what is right and what is not right.

      And what is “evert comment above sounds moronic”– learn how to spell

      1. David Jetton says:

        Sellecks husband is a retired businessman in metal fabrication not the architect hired to do the school.
        Perhaps we both went to the same school as Flackman is spelled Flachman. She is no Saint.

  5. Dan says:

    She resigned! She quit! Why does she get ANY severance? My kids are not in the district, but what an abomination in a time of education cuts. Good riddance…. get out of our state.

  6. A disgusted taxpayer says:

    DISGUSTING!!! At least 3 of the board members are termed out this year, not that the 2 remaining are any prize. Did anyone know that while on “emergency leave Selleck was in the running for superintendent of a Florida district?
    That should preclude her from any severance.

  7. shaundra says:

    Teachers in this school district make about 1/3 more than teachers in other school district with similar education and experience. They need to lower the teacher’s salaries and that will help balance their budget. There are so many people wanting to teach they won’t have a problem finding people.

    1. truthfor50 says:

      Brilliant idea–all the kids need is a warm body to watch over them.

      Please apply for the superintedent position–you’re a sure winner.

  8. Bob says:

    They should just close the school district and merge with Mapleton. Mapleton has their stuff together and they are right next to each other. If you look on their website, teacher salary is OUTRAGEOUS!

    1. Linda says:

      I disagree; Mapleton has shady staff directors as well. The Superintendent came from District 50. Soon enough their stuff will come out into the light too. They treat their staff horrible and like to only hire within the Italian family.

  9. Shaundra says:

    How much you wanna bet she rejects the package because she wants more money? Boy the people who hired her should be fired… but maybe they were? If she makes this much, how much does the principal of the New Westminster High School make.. about $180,000?

  10. Louisa says:

    Where is Doctor Mike Massarotti when he’s needed? This never would have happened when he was in charge.

  11. Concerned WHS Parent says:

    The school board should not honor that contract. She has breeched her contract by failing to manage the districts finances in an honorable manner. The professional developement dollars, credit card payments and much more. Terminate her now don’t pay her another dime of our hard earned tax dollars. The next question is does D-50 get the Corvette they bought for her back or does she keep it?

    1. Catherine Grinstead Thomas says:

      I agree completly, especially during this time of a huge budget crises, there is a quarter of a million dollars we could use towards our $7.5 million shortfall!!!!

  12. Gary says:

    Now I understand – Dr. Selleck was hired to lower staff morale, find work for her husband, develop vague and shadowed objectives, create an atmosphere of distrust, absolve herself of fiscal responsibility, and ignore the interests of the district employees.

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