DENVER (CBS4) – An airline passenger at Denver International Airport was arrested after allegedly fighting two Denver police officers.

Denver police confirm an officer was pushed or fell down a flight of stairs.

The disturbance happened on a SkyWest flight from Denver to Wyoming. SkyWest says the passenger, identified as Thad Rule of Montana, refused to assume exit row responsibilities and when he would not move to another row, he became unruly leading to the fight with police.

“He resisted, pretty active resistance and aggressive. He pushed one of the officers down the stairs. The officers were using force to try and subdue him and arrest him,” Lt. Matt Murray with Denver police said.

Rule is currently a recruiter for the Army. CBS4 was told he was wounded several times in Iraq.

The incident is so serious Rule may be banned from flying with SkyWest or their partner, United Airlines.

The Denver district attorney’s office may file felony charges on Monday.

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  1. Passenger 57 says:

    Took me a while to find this article, and cannot believe some of these statements. I cannot comment on the details, because there will for sure be a pending lawsuit…but coming from someone who was on this flight…. This Gentleman did NOTHING to deserve the abuse that he received. The article itself, is almost sickening to see how this story was twisted. I can guarantee you there are atleast 20-25 observers who would paint a completely different picture. United/skywest will get throttled on this deal…GUARANTEED!

    1. Sammy K says:

      And we have another one! Thank goodness! So glad to know there are enough witnesses to balance things out. In case you didn’t catch the other news story with all the other lovely comments, here is the link:

  2. Mrs. Rule says:

    Thank you Sandy for posting the truth about the situation. Our family is glad to have people like you to stand up for my husband.

    1. Deidra says:

      He is in my prayers!

  3. Sandy Boling Foertsch says:

    My coworker was seated across the isle from Mr. Rule, he was pleasant and happy to be going home. HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!! tHE STEWARDESS was rude asking if he could fulfill his duties in the exit row. He stated ,”I did 2 tours in Iraq I guess I can handle that.” She said I just need a yes or no. She then came back and told rule that he had to leave the plane, that she wasn’t comfrotable with him on the plane. He refused to leave stating that he did nothing wrong. He walked to the front of the plane & an officer grabed him. Rule was hit multiple times over the head & had a long gash in his head. I want to know why the media has not researched this story further. Why was it just assumed that a decorated vertan was in the wrong. Several passengers have filed written complaints to united. I am calling for a ban on United & sky west until they apologize and make amends. This is wrong & needs to be rectified!

    1. Sammy K says:

      It’s nice to finally hear from somebody who knows one of Mr. Rule’s neighboring passengers. Does the flight attendant have something against soldiers? Lizzy’s comment about him being in uniform would have made things different. Now I’m thinking it would’ve made it even worse. The woman passenger who commented under the other article said the attendant was charming and friendly. Sounds like that wasn’t the case with Mr. Rules area of the plane. This will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

  4. Lizzy says:

    Nope, it’s not gonna happen. The passengers all contradicted the story the police and airline were telling. It’s only too bad nobody had some video of the incident. You can’t hit a combat soldier (with or without PTSD)from behind without warning and not expect violence. They’re trained to react to attacks with all that’s in them. I for one am glad our soldiers that fight for our freedom are so well trained. Next time a passenger asks you what they did wrong it would be nice if you’d just explain instead of aggravating things. Doesn’t matter if you know they’re a soldier or not. Had he been in uniform this incident never would have taken place.

  5. Randy says:

    You must be an idiot. I can tell you have been arrested before or your significant other has been arrested before. You’re just mad because things didn’t go your way. The airline can’t allow an unruly passenger on an airplane.

  6. denvervet says:

    I agree with Terry, was this guy on drugs? Is he an “entitled person”? Who the heck does he think he is? Jerk.

  7. Terry says:

    What was the guy thinking? If he doesn’t want to cooperate with the flight attendant then get off the flight and walk. The world doesn’t revolve around him!

  8. Don says:

    Open the door and deploy the slide. They usually have capable youg man to take on that job, jest in case. Unusual to have some grump old SOB seated there. Denver cops or no, this guy should have known what his job would be unless this is his first flight or comes from Mars. Jerk!

  9. Natalie says:

    What are passsenger responsibilities?

  10. MIK says:

    If they were Denver Police — the guy probably didnt start the fight !?!?!

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