DENVER (AP) – A statewide network of “john schools” for men caught seeking prostitutes is closer to approval in Colorado.

The Colorado Senate on Tuesday voted 32-2 for a bill raising fines to a minimum of $5,000. Fines could reach a maximum of $10,000.

The money would be used to set up scared straight-type diversion programs educating the mostly male customers about the harsh reality of human trafficking.

Similar schools in other parts of the country have been credited for reducing recidivism. Supporters say prostitutes and traffickers won’t go away unless the demand side of prostitution is addressed. John schools are for first-time offenders who seek adult prostitutes.

Senate Bill 85 now heads to the House.

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Comments (2)
  1. jb80538 says:

    A totally ridiculous fine for what is still considered a “petty” offense.

    Prostitution is still pretty much a consensual deal between a prostitute and a john.

    desparate people sometimes do desparate things in order to survive. maybe if there were more jobs out there for someone trying to raise a family, a woman wouldn’t have to resort to that activity.

  2. penguirl says:

    Prostitution is often a last choice for a woman to survive, simply taking this option away from them will only force them into likely more dangerous illegal trades. How about offering them educational and professional options so they can get out of prostitution?

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