AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora’s police chief is calling this year’s string of officer-involved shootings unprecedented.

Just 3 months into 2011 there have already been five officer-involved shootings in Aurora. Three suspects were killed and several others were injured by police gunfire. Right now nine officers are on administrative leave while authorities investigate.

In January police wounded a man suspected of robbing a bank. In February a suspected drug dealer under surveillance was shot and killed. In March, in seperate incidents, two men were shot and killed by officers after taking hostages. And last week a Russian immigrant was shot during a confrontation with police.

While the investigations continue, police have held special meetings with community leaders.

“In all five instances we have evidence that deadly force was used or threatened against our officers or civilians,” Chief Dan Oates said.
space Aurora Chief: String Of Officer Involved Shootings Unprecedented

So numerous are the incidents, Deputy Chief Terry Jones sent a memo to his officers saying, “Even in the most trying times and difficult circumstances you have met each and every challenge and prevailed.”

While the Aurora police maintain that their use of a weapon was justified in each case, there are those in the community who may feel otherwise. Friends grieved at the site where Aaron Williams died after shooting at police and taking hostages.

“I know he shot a police officer, but they didn’t have to kill him,” Williams’ friend Khilah Weathers said.

Three officers are still recovering from injuries they suffered. The officers involved in the shootings have been offered counseling.

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  1. Donna Brown says:

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    Read this article posted below. You will find, there is no real reason for gas gauging to be Escalating in the manner it is.

    For this we will have to SpeaK up in any Manner we can to absolve ourselves from these repercussions imposed on us by those inflating the issue.

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    We will have to show our strength in numbers by not buying gas every Thursday, and a threat to use mass transit and car pooling, or add another gas out day of the week, so that our unison will be heard.

    If everyone across the board doesn’t stand, we will fall. (America)

    And for those of you Who can afford to fall, or don’t mind falling, please just sit down quietly.

    (In the middle of a Bush incited recession that will already take us 16 years to pull out of, Really what kind of people do this.) L Greedy!, content with Big I’s and little u’s.

  2. Barry Soetoro says:

    It`s Aurora! Why is anyone shocked? If it was Lonetree or Littleton I would be concerned. Aurora is full of Illegal mexicans, Welfare blacks, other dregs of Colorado.
    The home of Francis Hernandez ! Sanctuary Colorado, Fix it or be prepared for more!

    1. Truthseeker says:

      Barry, you are the poster child for idiots! By the way, there are more people who are whites and hispanics than any other race who are on welfare. You guys make the rules, and do not like it if anyone else breaks them. Get a life and a real man’s name you piece of poop! A berry is something that grows on trees and bushes.

  3. denvervet says:

    This is a tradgedy. Seems like Aurora needs to regroup and think about what is going on. How awful.

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