DENVER (AP) – The Colorado Division of Wildlife says hunters harvested a record 12,301 pronghorn last year as access to licenses and lands grew.

That topped the previous high of 10,941 set in 2009.

The division uses phone and online surveys to estimate harvests.

It reports that elk hunters had a 22 percent success rate last year and harvested 48,018 elk. Wyoming typically reports an average rate of 40 percent for elk hunters.

The 2010 harvest of 34,768 deer was up slightly from the previous year total of 33,922. Statewide big game manager Andy Holland says deer hunters had a success rate of 50 percent for rifle seasons last year.

Hunting licenses provide significant revenue for the wildlife division.


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  1. Clyde Freeman says:

    This is very sad. I hate that people feel that they must hunt. For those who are hunting to eat, that is different. Those who are doing it for sport, I totally feel that you are SICK. I wish we could outlaw hunting. I know those trigger happy people out there would say that they are helping the animals out by trimming them and reserving resources for other animals to live. Sorry, I do not buy it.

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