Suspect Was Holding Family Of 4 Hostage Inside Apartment Building

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A standoff between police and a suspect in the shooting of an Aurora police officer ended at dawn Friday after police shot and killed the man.

The officer was shot in the leg after a traffic stop just after 8 p.m. Thursday at East 16th Avenue and North Elmira Street.

“He called out on the radio that he had been shot and had returned fire. The suspect fled,” Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel told CBS4.

Early Friday authorities searching for the man shut down a stretch of Colfax Avenue for several hours and surrounded an apartment complex at Colfax and Emporia. Police say the suspect, who has been identified as Aaron Williams, 20, was there and holding a family of four, including two young children, hostage. Authorities then evacuated the rest of the building.

space Aurora Officer Recovering After Shooting, Suspect Killed

family21 Aurora Officer Recovering After Shooting, Suspect Killed

The family is seen here being escorted from the building by police. (credit: CBS)

space Aurora Officer Recovering After Shooting, Suspect Killed
After a few hours police were able to get the hostages out of the building safely and they say Williams continued to barricade himself in a back bedroom of the family’s unit. Negotiators talking to Williams by phone said he was preparing for a shootout.


At about 7 a.m. SWAT team members fired tear gas into the building and moved in. Williams, who still had a gun, then jumped out of a window and started to run away. That’s when police say multiple officers shot at him and Williams died.

“He had a gun, at that point officers fired and the suspect was killed,” said Aurora Police Sergeant Carlson.

Police so far aren’t releasing the name of the suspect but say he had a violent history and warrants were out for his arrest.

The name of the officer who was shot also has not been released. He was treated and released from the hospital.

space Aurora Officer Recovering After Shooting, Suspect Killed

standoff Aurora Officer Recovering After Shooting, Suspect Killed

(credit: CBS)

Denver police assisted in the search overnight with a helicopter. People living in the area also received a reverse 911 call alerting them that an officer had been shot. Residents were told to stay indoors and away from their windows.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Tom Wilson with Aurora police at (303) 739-6711.

Comments (24)
  1. josh says:

    Long hours and low pay isn’t enough, we (society) have to shoot at them as well? No respect, but then again that training starts at home.

  2. DGM says:

    Good, now the lawabiding taxpayers of this state will not have to support the lawbreaker in prison luxury.

    1. Fragile says:

      prison “LUXURY” clearly you know NOTHING about the prison system

  3. Tj Hardy says:

    whoa, ya’ll really don’t know the half of the story. ya’ll hear the cops side , thats it.! thats family who got shot , so watch what you ppl post.

    1. ThugStomper says:

      Tj, you’re an idiot….

      1. Love It says:

        @”Thug Stomper”???: Actually TJ is a good kid and I have know him for years. He did not disrespect you so why don’t you have some respect! This article only gives vague details of the situation so don’t be so quick to judge. And don’t act like the Denver PD is without flaw. The reality is that a kids life was taken (guilty or not) but the officer is alive and well. Instead of “stomping” thugs, why don’t you try helping one! And I am pretty sure that stomping ANY human being would make you one in the same.

        Truly an Ignorant comment from someone with an ignorant alias!

      2. Love It says:

        I meant to reference the “APD”.

    2. MIKE T says:


  4. Chico says:

    Warrants + attempted murder on a peace officer + false imprisonment (of a family) + fleeing felon = BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!! GREAT JOB APD!! A+

    1. Fragile says:

      How rude of you…I’m sure you feel that way because it wasn’t your family memeber…which it every well could have been!!! It was still a life that was taken away from a family

      1. Chico says:

        Don’t be so fragile..Actually I WAS thinking about the family…the family that was taken hostage AT GUNPOINT!!! Suspect is lucky he didn’t break into my house…Would have ended it without APD…

    2. John says:

      the suspect was shot over 30 times while the officer was barely grazed. He was shot through the window , not as he was coming out. the police lie so much and it is just unfair. He was only 20 years old.

  5. POOLER G says:

    Man thats my family member who was killed and if anybody has anything negative to say please keep it to yourself whether right or wrong our family has to mourn his death.

    1. BW says:

      Mourn all you want. The officer survived that’s all that counts.

  6. Reezy F says:

    I know him so u can shut your mouth hes was a good person, he just put him self in a bad situation much love to him i dont care what happened

  7. Reedy f says:

    He was a good person i knew him he just put him self in a bad situation much love to him i don’t care what anyone says he’s a good person

  8. DGM says:

    Just what I meant–prison LUXURY. Ain’t gotta pay for a roof over his head or food in his belly at the expense of Colorado taxpayers. Remember, he made the choices and those choices killed him. It may sound harsh but what about the hostage family and their nightmares for years to come, what about other crimes he has commited, and so on. My sympathies lie with others and not with him. Yes, he’s somone’s son, brother, and perhaps father but that does not count as he defied the law and order of society.

    1. DGM says:

      Just for the record, I’m not a fan of the APD, DPD, or LPD and I agree theat all three have more than their share of thugs and incompetent police officers. However, in this case, the APD did their job as they needed to.

  9. james says:

    No it couldn’t have been my family, my family does not break the law to get the attention of the police. It’s a tragedy that this happened but it didn’t have to.I do know the story, but fail to understand why the gentleman felt he needed to use a gun on a law enforcement officer. That is unacceptable with majority of society, the law abiding side.

  10. GBSN says:

    Some of the things that are being said are very dispectful. I personal knew the suspect that was killed. I attened school with him and when I found this out it, hurt me very much to see someone that always made me laugh and smile, and a good person in and out to be killed like this. Yes. he may have made some bad decision in his life some worse than others, but that does not give the right for people to assume and say this is what he gets. Think about it if this was one of your family members or someone close to you, you wouldn’t be saying any of this. So have some respect for his family, and friends because we have to go through this heartbreak and this googbye, NOT YOU! Also you guys do not know the whole story, there is 2 sides to every story, your only hearing oneside, and judging based off what the police say, but the police aren’t always right.

  11. James Taggart says:

    To all the socailly uneducated people that left there comments seeking self esteem by putting down a young black man that was truly a victim of his past. I was a Colorado Peace officer, who made a career change to work with at risk youth. I had the pleasure of working with and mentoring Aaron Williams and now feeling like I failed him. He was a beautiful person who became a victim of his people failures. I make no excuse for his actions, I only ask that you not judge because there is not many men who could have walked in his shoes. That young man had alot to deal with!! now he is gone home try and respect that! Aaron you will be missed! Know that I will never forget the time God gave me in your life!!! Sleep well my brother!!

    1. Destini says:

      I love you comment… Aaron was my boyfriend we lived together for the last couple of months and from the story that the police are stateing they arent being completly honest. I was there that night and Aaron was already shot so I know for a fact that he didnt ” run out the window” I love you Aaron and I know you are now at rest… You were a beautiful man that had a lot to deal with and baby i know you were tierd but you no longer have to ” run” anymore

  12. Chris D says:

    Excellent point James!

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