0318111243a Victim Killed In Boulder Shooting On The Hill Identified

(credit: CBS)

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4/AP) — A 20-year-old college student is dead in Boulder after being shot in the chest an apparent attempted robbery.

“I was literally walking from the basement upstairs 30 seconds before that and didn’t see people before that. Then right as I get up to my room, I hear fireworks, what I thought were the fireworks,” said University of Colorado student Kevin Ludolph.

Police say the shooting happened at about 2 a.m. Friday on University Hill near the University of Colorado. The victim, Todd Walker, attended the University of New Hampshire.

todd walker Victim Killed In Boulder Shooting On The Hill Identified

Todd Walker (credit: unhwildcats.com)

Walker graduated from Battle Mountain High School in Edwards. The school library will be open at 4 p.m. on Saturday so people can gather and mourn Walker’s death.

Authorities said Walker and a 21-year-old female friend were walking home after going to parties in the area when they were approached by a man wearing a black bandanna over his face near 10th and Pennsylvania.
space Victim Killed In Boulder Shooting On The Hill Identified

suspect Victim Killed In Boulder Shooting On The Hill Identified

A sketch of the suspect, released by Boulder police. (credit: Boulder Police)

Police said there was a verbal and physical confrontation and the woman was able to pull the bandanna off. Then, police said, the suspect pulled out a gun.

“The suspect pulled out a gun, fired one shot into the air, fired a second shot into the victim. He fired that shot into the victim’s chest,” said Boulder Police spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

A resident of the area told CBS4 they heard the victim’s friend telling police that he had stood in front of her to protect her from being shot.

“She was talking to the cops, that, if it wasn’t for him jumping in front of her that she would’ve got shot,” said CU student Adam Sudman.

“He wasn’t really moving and the lady, the girl, was right next to him and she was definitely in a state of panic, she was screaming,” said CU student Alex Tornocz.

Police are searching for the suspect, described as a clean-shaven, white male with blondish-brown hair. He was said to be 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall with a medium build.

Officials aren’t sure if the gunman attended one or more of the parties the victim also was at. One of the parties was attended by about 500 people. Police released a sketch of the suspect and hope anyone with information about him will call the Boulder Police Department.

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Comments (6)
  1. Kash Lewis says:

    Okay where is all the bloggers that is quick to type they opinion when things like this happend in lets say the 5 points. Black Bandanna, White face under it. While the upper class turned they back on the terrorism that I and many other people had to endure living in rough areas in America. The epidimic over the past decade has shifted to places like Boulder, and it’s a shame that Americans don’t stand together and put a stop to Domestic Terrorism.

  2. Steve says:

    Since I must be the “they” your talkin bout (because I live in a nice neighborhood). It’s cause none of the “they” cares about 5 points. If the area is so bad, move out. Or better yet, clean up your own neighborhood. If we have a problem in our neighborhood, we call the police. Ya’ll call that snitchin and that my friend is the difference. Before you point a finger at “they”, take a look at yourself and how you and the people of your neighborhood behave. Your comments are just plain ignorant and racist.

  3. Allen says:

    I agree with Steve. I’m a “they” as well, but have lived in Capital Hill and in the West Colfax/South Highlands area. Being a “they” there only got my vehicles vandalized, yelled “Cracker go home!” in the streets and a knife pulled on my wife. When the cops came, we were asked when we planned on moving out, which was immediately. These rough neighborhoods don’t WANT change, their more than happy to sit around, protect each other and push out “they” when a good change happens. Domestic terrorists? You need to look in your own back yard. It’s not “they”, it’s you.

  4. Tom McNassor says:

    I hope that they catch this guy, and put it on the news. You know, there are so many cold cases out there. Either the public is not getting a follow up report, or our police are not doing their job.
    Another thing, we are hearing about these victims. Other crimes have occurred, and there has been injury, and death. In the back of their minds, were these victims, worried about going to jail for defending themselves? If a good defensive move is done correctly, it would result in the attacker being injured, and or killed. You need to understand, defend yourself. There are only two kinds of street fighters. The good, and the dead.

  5. denvervet says:

    Kash, Steve………..have you been to 5 points lately? Try to buy a bungalow for under 400k. Its a wonderful neighborhood with beautiful homes and condo’s and is as safe as any other part of the city. I LOVE living in 5 points, my neighbors are very friendly and I know all the shopkeepers on Welton (we need more stores though). I lived in Congress Park 5 years ago and with all the unsavory people in the alley’s there I was more afraid to live there than in 5 points. I didnt find my neighbors “neighborly” or even courteous. I moved out. 5 points is just way too close to downtown not to be a vibrant wonderful community, its great here, drive through sometime and look at the beautiful homes and condos and all the work going on here.

  6. A says:

    Are you all really talking about the neighborhood and trying to act tough and point racist fingers. It couldn’t matter less what color this guys skin was, or where the incident took place. The point is that he shot and killed an innocent person for the cost of a couple of dollars.

    The saddest thing here is that you can read the follow up articles on this and find that this man was released on early probation just days before this happened. The Colorado (and any state I’m sure) justice department wants to save their dollars on boarding in prisons, and what’s the cost of that? Is it just “some kid’s” life. No, he has a family and friends that are at a desperate loss now.

    I’m glad you all live in great neighborhood or are happy to see the changes. Try to be a bit more human here.

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