DENVER (AP) — In case high gas prices and disastrous images from Japan haven’t gotten the attention of Colorado lawmakers, they heard gloomy economic news Friday in a final revenue report before they write next year’s budget: Colorado’s still broke.

Revenue forecasts delivered to lawmakers Friday predicted the economy isn’t improving fast enough to prevent deep budget cuts for next year, including likely teacher layoffs.

Lawmakers received revenue forecasts from economists working for both the Legislature and the governor’s office. The forecasts both predicted an improving economy. But the pictures weren’t rosy enough to forestall deep cuts expected when legislative budget writers propose their spending plan next week for the upcoming fiscal year.

Colorado’s projected budget deficit still hovers around a half-billion. Economists noted uncertainty about how the Japanese earthquake would affect Colorado.

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  1. john r says:

    The first step to improve CO economy is to remove all illegal aliens!
    Catering to them eats up CO tax dollars, which could be better appropriated to education and teachers’ salaries!
    Illegal do nothing to improve economies!
    C’mon people, use basic USA economics!

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